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Monday, 17 March 2008

Another frustrating week

Ok so we lost the war but as I predicted we won the battle.Not that it helps.To take the positives we beat a champions league side away from home,played some good footballand were within one kick of going through.The downside was that Jenas who has yet to convince Spurs fans had the chance to be the hero and misread the script.I have argued his case for some time but hey fella give us a hand.His side kick in the little playlet was Chimbonda who also has his detractors and missed his penalty in some style.Zokora and Bent did their case some good with well taken kicks and Ohara showed character in stepping up when more experienced colleagues did not.

Anyway we lost and so on to Man.Cityy who usually donate three points even away from home.I assume that Ramos knows exactly what he is doing and that all will come right in the end.Is he not playing Tainio and Ohara because their fates are sealed,is Gilberto injured,does he keep subbing Keane because he has afunny sense of humour,does he keep Berbatov on even when he is playing poorly because he hates to see a grown man cry?These are all questions that only Juande and perhaps Gus know the answers to.

Or do they?I think the Juande Ramos tactical genius show is looking a little threadbare to this mere fan.It certainly didnt work against City.We went ahead,played some nice football but apart from Keanes brilliant strike managed very little incisive passing.Two duff decisions by linesmen and a return to our dire set play defending saw us concede the game and we looked as if we couldnt really be bothered to win it.This from players alledgedly playing for their places.Unless Ramos has a stategy for the remaining games which is not clear to me then we seem to be drifting aimlessly to a bottom half finish.We need another win to be safe,then perhaps we will seeTaraabt,Peckart,Rose et al starting games,unless Ramos is going to get rid of everyone except Berbatov,Keane,King Woodgate and Hutton and cant wait until the end of the season.Who knows?

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