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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Have we given up in the league?

Dangerous game concentrating on the UEFA cup when our league position is still precarious.I dont think we will but we could get relegated!
The display against Birmingham was not acceptable.I dont think Ramos wasnt bothered about the display or the result.It was not a fringe squad. None of our up and coming youngsters were playing,all the players were 1st teamers though we were short at centrehalf.It was not good for team morale and was certainly poor for Spurs longstanding supporters who possibly half expected such a performance,especially those unlike me who are regulars at the Lane and the real faithful who travel to away matches.
Now Gus Poyet is appealing for a great response on Thursday.He'll get it because thats the nature of football supporters but diehard supporters are not happy with the way they are used and abused although they are delighted with the new manager.They hated the way Martin Jol was treated but have given due appreciation for the support of the board in financial terms. Where are we now?.If we win well against PSV and beat W.Ham all will be forgiven:if we lose either or both we will replace the joy after the Carling cup win with a mood close to depression-oh well whats new for the followers of the Spurs.

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