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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

On the eve of PSV 2nd leg

A better week for Spurs after Birmingham.At least we turned up for the first leg at home to PSV and although we played in fits and starts we had enough chances to get a draw but in truth they were at least on the night the better team.

However come Sunday we not only beat W.Ham we thrashed them. Ramos has notched up another milestone in his early Tottenham career,beating all our bitterest rivals and bringing home a cup.This keeps the fans very happy and we are another three points nearer safety and might just make the top half of the table.Delivering the fans deepest wishes even if the league season was never likely to be saved after that start is a happy knack that Ramos has,long may it last.

Now with Berbatov back on scoring form we can overturn the PSV result,no doubt,and I am looking foreward to the game (live on 5)I dont do detailed predictions but Tottenham can win this one.

Robinson nearly threw a goal away early on against W.Ham and is for the chop without doubt.He recovered the situation bravely but if that goal had gone in thee game would have been entirely different such are the narrow margins in football.An early goal tomorrow could set us up for a clear victory.

Good to see Gilberto score although the commentators on Radio London were quite clear that it was Bent,they must be psychic because he scored just after.Listened to the commentary and in the second half got a good internet stream.The picture was about two minutes behind the sound commentary but hey Ill take whatever I can get.Gilberto looks quality to me though a lot of fans have been quick to write him off an unfortunate Spurs fans habit which I have condemned on other forums.Now apparently Jenas is irreplaceable,earlier in the season some would have cheerfully given him away though they doubted we would get any takers.

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