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Monday, 21 April 2008

Groundhog day

Its a nightmare,its an episode of Star Trek ,were caught in a time loop,we cant stop taking the lead,playing half an hour of decent football and then in true sporting spirit letting the other side have a go.Our away record is pathetic and the number of points conceded after taking the lead would be hilarious if it was happening to some other team.I repent now in taking so much pleasure in the misfortunes at Newcastle after the return of the Messiah.It was mean spirited and I sincerely am sorry,honest.

Will it be different against Bolton.Probably not because we cant seem to apply pressure and play well consistently.Huddleston makes two brilliant passes;Jenas does a couple of enterprising runs,although Zokora seems to have passed on the knack of running fast and achieving nothing;Lennon dazzles briefly,and puts in a couple of good crosses and thats about it.Its not enough from quality players in a team hoping for better things.

Now we were a couple of regulars short and Wigan needed it more than we did.Add in a swirling wind and a bumpy pitch and you have plenty of excuses again.But the fact is we are a better team than Wigan and after demonstrating this to be true we almost give up.They should be on half wages as they rarely put in more than half a shift.

We have had in many ways a good season and with one or two additions we should have a team good enough to push on and achieve higher things but I dont think Ramos has an easy task ahead.The way were playing we will probably not beat either Bolton or Reading but play well against Liverpool and even win.

Im becoming a very Grumpy Old Man and I dont like it.Please Tottenham get it together for the last three games and give us a something to take into the summer and the inevitable rumours about Berbatov and all the world class players who wont be coming to us.Give us something to heighten the anticipation for the new season,although I will be as optimistic as usual,everything forgotten and more or less forgiven but its the summer Im dreading,no football and bad memories as well.

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