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Monday, 28 April 2008

Modric to Spurs-oh and we played another game too

It was just before half time,I couldn't get an internet thread and was listening to the match on Radio London,an irritating experience in itself,when I realised I coudnt really care less.Now this is a very unusual situation for me.They went ahead through a poor Dawson 50yd bullet ball which comes off about once in five attempts ,then he failed to cut out the near post ball,Cerny dives over it and we are one down.But I don't care,I shrug instead of howling and walking round the garden to cool off and five minutes later we are on level terms.The match is easy to summarise:total domination;at least six good chances;more corners;more shots in a ratio of ten to one;unmissable chance for Berbatov right at the end,which he misses and its another 1-1 draw.

But nobody cares including me.Ive joined the players in thinking its been all over for some weeks.All those posts about pride,keeping faith with the fans,earning their money,finishing top half all gone to waste.All those postings on the about needing to put in a good performance in the next game by various players;Poyet and Ramos disappointment and pledges to show more spirit next time out,all hot air.

And so its on to next season and the signing of Modric.This will keep me going until pre-season starts.A top quality,young international in a position we desperately need.Signed under the noses of at least three of the top four(and Newcastle)without any fuss,just the announcement,brilliant.I dont buy all that "Keegan livid" paper talk but its still brilliant.His names been on a post-it note on Avram's fridge since Xmas, must have been obscured by Fergy's xmas card.

Perhaps that's why I couldnt take the game against Bolton seriously.This is a real statement of intent by the board who are going to back Ramos in the only way that matters,financially and with players who are top class,and oven ready.Not ones to bank or put in the freezer for later,but ready and able to perform now!Whether he is a replacement for Berbatov(or Keane,its him that always gets subbed for Bent unless we go three up front)or a bait to keep Berbatov Ive no idea.But thankyou Commoli and Levy for backing the man again.They did it for Jol and then lost their nerve but this could be the beginning of the real deal for Spurs.And he came because of Ramos,although he'd be a fool to say "I came to Spurs but I cant stand that Spanish git in charge".The wage deal would be interesting because he could probably have doubled what we are paying him at Man City,Chelsea,Newcastle or Man U.

But there you see whats happened Ive got enthusiastic again.This can only lead to heartache next week.Perhaps I'll go to Tesco's with the missis and give Reading a miss.But Modric is playing on my mind.Is this the end for Jenas?I don't think so,or Zokora?No they are both first on the team sheet for Ramos.Where will he play?Centre mid-field,or left side in place of Malbranque.Possibly.In the hole in place of Keane or or as replacement for Berbatov?You know I think I'll have to listen to the Reading game and watch the highlights if I cant get a thread,while I puzzle all this out.

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