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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Not long to go now

Thank the Lord.We did it again,played quite well ,went ahead and then didnt turn up for the second half and could,and perhaps should,have lost the game.Whats going on,in truth we havnt a clue.Tactics on this occasion didnt help.You cant blame Ramos for Huddleston's poor performance but moving Lennon and Jenas when they were playing well seems strange.Bringing Bent on so late in the game is what Martin Jol used to do to Defoe.They dont have time to get into the game.Of course if Bent had got the winner all would have been forgiven and Ramos would be once again the tactical genius.But he didnt.

The team seem to demonstrate that they can do it and then switch off and dont bother.Why should they?Well pride,to keep faith with the fans,to generate impetus into the pre-season,to excite and interest both team and fans for the coming season,to justify the absurd salaries that they earn.I could go on but think you get the general idea.

Of course everything will depend on the first few games next season and for that we have to wait.In the meantime to be honest we dont have a clue whether Ramos knows what he is doing or just hopefully playing about and hoping that it all works out.Given his record it probably will,but I liked Martin Jol as well and look where that ended up.But M.J. won most of his last games at the end of last season and played some entertaining football and so far Ramos hasnt really got a lot more of this squad than Jol did.And he has Hutton and Woodgate playing well to bolster the defence.Im not trying to renew the Jol,Ramos debate.I think that Ramos is a better manager and that after the stupidity of the approach to Ramos and the poor start change was inevitable and probably for the good.

There is much debate on Spurs forums about new players and wholesale clearouts but much of this is media generated and therefor largely ignorable.I hope that there are not big changes as this will mean another season of bedding in for manager and players.Lennon,Zokora,Jenas,Dawson and Huddleston should be retained,they are young enough or talented enough to be coached to the next level.King,Woodgate,Bale Hutton,Berbatov and Keane should be the core of the team.We need three or four experienced players:a goalkeeper, a creative leftsided midfielder,and another forward,two if Berbatov leaves.I would keep Chimbonda as he can play reasonably well across the back four,and we need a genuine left winger.Of the main squad I am not a fan of Malbranque,he lacks the speed and guile,and has poor shooting and crossing abilities.I pay tribute to his work rate and acknowledge that he has played out of position but in the final analysis he aint good enough.

This blog has an end of season feel,but that is generated by the atmosphere created by the performances of the team since the Carling Cup final,and the fact that is nearly the end of the season after all.Wigan away on Saturday and a good win will change nearly everything but somehow I dont think the lads will bother.Again

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