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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Still on Holiday

Drove thirty miles into the middle of Madrid to one of the many Irish "Sports" bars because I was sure the Blackburn Tottenham match was on;so sure I didnt bother to check it on the web.Anyway watched half the Chelsea game and got back just in time to be too late to catch any of the Spurs game.

Pleased to see that Zokora got a good write up Im sure theres a quality player in there somewhere.Dont agree with Gus Poyet that a good performance cancels out a bad one.Apparently from the reports we had an excellent half hour ,failed to capitalise by getting the game won,scored a good goal,which I caught on the highlights and ran out with one point away from home to a team allegedly in for a UEFA cup place.Nothing can erase the memory of the Newcastle game,not even if we had got the three points against Blackburn but we did play better from the bits I have seen and the reports.Jenas another of my essentials for next season made a welcome return.

Did manage to get a ticket for the Madrid/Sevilla game and was impressed with Capel though hes no world beater,and Kanoute played well.He must be a possible replacement for Berbatov if we dont keep him.I see the papers have gone from "I would be flattered by interest from Inter Milan to "Berbatov seeks move to Inter Milan" Theres a lot more of this to come believe me.

Hope to catch the Middlesborough game on the internet as this one is certainly not on TV although the Liverpool/Arsenal was.Billed in Spain as the Fernando v Cesc match.Cracking game which should have wrapped upby Arsenal in the first half hour if they shot more often and didnt try to walk the ball in.Fernando showed them how and I think Liverpool deserved it in the end.

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