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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Where are we now?

The good news is I'm on holiday and missed the first half of the Newcastle game.The bad news is I got a good internet link for the second half.What was that all about?

Where in the fairground that is the Spurs perfomance park are we after that dire effort,against Newcastle and at home.
Is it the Big Dipper?No we went on that at the start of the season.?
Is it the Carousel?You know up and down and round and round in circles getting nowhere.We seem to have spent a lot of time on that this season.
Is it the swings and roudabouts?The win some,lose some, end up where you were when you started if your lucky.
Is it the Helter Skelter?Hopes raised high,some excitement and then back to the bottom again.
No its the popular Switchback,plenty of excitement,thrills and spills but not really worth the money in the end.

I could go on but you get the drift,and more to the point is the man in charge the great illusionist Senor Ramisto,all smoke and mirrors,rabbits from hats,silk scarves from sows ears,or is he the real deal, the alchemist who can make pure gold from the base metal that is Tottenham of the last few years.

We showed spirit and skill against Chelsea(can we play you every week?) and had some of the luck that was going,both our headed goals could have been ruled out for climbing on other occasions.We were competent and organised against a somewhat understrength Portsmouth and Ramos got lucky with his substitutions.Not the fact that he made the substitutions but that they both scored.Im not arguing against the benefits of having a lucky manager just that Lady Luck is a fickle mistress who can soon depart us for another.Against Newcastle we experimented in formation and personnel and it didnt work,not because the manager was wrong to try things out at this point in a dead end season but because the team didnt bother to play for the manager.They obviously dont believe that they are playing for their places..a worrying response.I dont buy the 'bad day at the office' excuse though I have used it myself after some dreadful games
.We have a Big Match mentality and this year it won us the Carling Cup and produced better performances in the league against the top four,but in a thirty eight game season this is a recipe for at worst disaster and at best mid table mediocraty and Ramos has big job on his hands to address it and our appalling away record.

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