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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The gloves are off.

Now then let me see.A few facts.All the players who usually wear gloves were absent from the team on Saturday against Reading.A little dash of rumour.At least two of these players are strongly tipped to be leaving the club;Ramos has been laying down the law to the first team squad about effort,fitness,diet and anything else you can think of.A little bit of double meaning."Off" meaning not in the side today ,or leaving the club.Catchy headline and their you have it a genuine copy of a back page football article.

Now Lennon and Berbatov were injured and Gilberto is fit and filling the position he was bought for ,left back.Never let the facts get in the way of a good story as they say on Fleet St. or wherever they cobble together their rubbish.How much of this we are going to have to put up with I dread to think.I see today we are linked with Diarra,Eto,Capel,Gattuso,and Uncle Tom Cobley.

But to return to the real world and for the first time for several games I managed to watch
the game on an excellent stream from Sopcast and was delighted with an away win and a clean sheet.The linesman ruled a good second goal out for offside;Darren Bent had a better game and was unlucky not to score.Everyone except perhaps Huddleston played well and for an hour we dominated the match and played some excellent football.The goal ,set up by the strength of Bent and his delicate final ball to Keane,who had recovered from being fouled and floored in midfield,and who glided past two defenders and scored with a deft touch into the corner was as good as any Ive seen this season.We faded a little in the last half hour and Cerny made two good saves to secure the victory.

In my new end of season relaxed mode I have given up berating the team and worrying about Berbatov and in truth we played well without him though against poor opposition.And so its on to the last game of the season at home to Liverpool.Nothing left to worry about except the new stadium which has surfaced again,comings and goings in the transfer market,where Modric is going to play(still unresolved from last week)whether to subscribe to THFCtv,whether Ledley will be able to put in a full season and so on.Before you know it it will be pre-season and it all begins again.I cant wait.

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