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Friday, 16 May 2008

Not with a bang

As T.S.Eliot said "This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang,but a whimper."
Now he died in 1965,and wasn't even a Spurs fan,but accurately summed up the end of our season.How did he do that?I missed the Liverpool game though "missed" is only true in the sense that I didnt see the match,I apparently didnt "miss" anything.
So what is the final judgement on the season?We won silverware;upgraded our manager;bought two excellent players in January and another before the end of the season;we beat Arsenal in some style;beat Chelsea with grit and determination and some style;played well against good teams;were within a kick of going through in the UEFA cup,and played some good football at times.The future is bright,the future is Lilywhite in many ways.

But the enduring feeling is disappointment, particularly as the final phase of the season since the Carling Cup has been so uninspiring.Now we are faced with the prospect of losing Berbatov,the best player seen at Tottenham for some years,because in a sense we let him down,we didnt make the grade when we had every chance.More than that though is the prospect of one,or probably two more years of re-building under a manager who is likely to want to do some serious re-structuring.

Some fans will say "good riddance to Berbatov",on the grounds of his attitude and will still demand instant success.I disagree with both of these views:I dont mind players with attitude if they are good enough and crave good football over success.I am hopeful that good players,playing good football,will bring success and am quite prepared to wait for the top prizes,for ever if needs be.In the meantime I want to be entertained,to be proud of the team and what it does and do not want us buy our silverware,or clog and cheat our way to the top.

There are other worrying problems on the Ramos agenda.The main one has been his inability to motivate the players for the final games of the season.Others include our inabilty to hold on to winning positions and our appalling away record.However the blackest moments of the season were not in our performances but in the Jol sacking saga,an inept and underhand process which reflects badly on the values of the people running the club.

So to next season,what do I hope for?First that Berbatov stays,which is a possibility if Ramos wants him to and the club hold out for their high valuation.The perception of him as moody and even lazy might help us here.That Ledley returns to fitness and puts in a full season along with Gareth Bale.That Modric is as good and as tough as he seems to be..That we continue to sign talented youngsters and to give our own younger players a chance.I include Dawson,Lennon and Huddleston in this catagory.We need one or two new experienced players in key positions but the more we change the squad the longer the transition will take

On a wider level I would like to see a wage cap on the Premiership or,if this is deemed illegal,a 10%levy on all Premiership players,the money to go into the funding of Academies.I would also like to see a limit on the number of Non-British players permitted to be fielded by any club in any given match(say 5)in order to prevent a team in the English Premier league fielding a team and a bench with not one British player.Finally I would love to see Spurs in the Champions league playing dazzling football at their new 60,000 stadium with Season Ticket and gate prices cut by 20% on current values and in the same kit for a minimum of three seasons.

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