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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Pantomime season opens early

Whats with the Widow Twanky socks? Now I realise that there are only a limited number of changes you can make to a blue and white strip but hooped socks?I don't think so.We would be better off borrowing the magic lamp and getting three wishes.I'd blow all three on keeping Berbatov but I expect the world will go on without him.

A Limited number of changes that is unless you can come up with some marketing wheeze to allow you to dip into the fan's pockets without the Old Bill feeling your collar.You know,like the 125th.anniversary strip,only worn once mate,good as new.Who ever heard of a 125th anniversary in any case?Or the final season at the old stadium strip which our North London neighbours came up with.What about the special commemorative strip for the last time that season ticket prices went down?I think that would sell.The trouble is they all sell:fans buy them and they know it.

Personally I like the all white strip:single colours are very flattering for the fuller figure,Huddlestone looks positively sylph like in all white, and if its good enough for Real Madrid its good enough for me.It never did Leeds any harm either when they were carrying all before them.We know why they change strips every year:revenue.But really its a rip off and totally unneccesary.Isnt their something nostalgic for the fans in the team wearing the same kit year in and year out?Doesnt it help the supporters identify with the team,or the product as they say in marketing.And on a practical level it might be the cause of so many misplaced passes,the lads don't know what colours we're in this week.

I think there aught to be a vote amongst the fans as to which kit is their all-time favourite and then we go with that for a minimum of three years and then vote whether we want to change it.Ive already cast mine for all white.Away kit would be dark blue shirts,white shorts and white(not hooped)socks.

Of course we have had a bit of a pantomime season so this might be Levy's little joke to amuse the lads and show the fans that hes not just a calculating revenue machine but a warm human being.Somebody after all has got to try to cheer up Joe Lewis after the financial disasters he has endured on the U.S.stock market.Hooped socks might just be the thing.

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