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Monday, 21 July 2008

A cunning plan

Well I'm sitting here staring into the interweb ether waiting for the dust to settle, but it looks as if Levy and Fergie have stirred up a veritable sand storm. Two weeks on holiday and nothing happened; now two weeks back and apart from shouts of 'fight,fight' from the far corner of the playground there is still nothing actually happening.

There isn't a word for the combination of depression and elation that all football fans feel at this stage of the non season.Not just Tottenham fans: think what Villa fans are feeling about Barry; Arsenal fans over Adebeyor ; Chelsea fans over Lampard; Man.U. fans over Ronaldo. We are all looking to the new season with excitement, new managers and new players but are bombarded every day with rumours about players who may be leaving.

On the websites Spurs fans are cheered by the photos of the lads in Spain and disconcerted by the rumours over Keane and Berbatov's attitude and behaviour. The easy answer is ignore it all and just refer to the official site,and I wish I could. Once the season starts its easier because you have the actual football to take your mind off the rubbish served up by the media. But until then there's nothing else to do but join your fellow fans in heated debate about what might be happening to our precious club.

And where is Ramos in all of this. Well he hasn't worked his magic on our dynamic attacking duo. To lose one top scoring foreward is unfortunate,but to lose two smacks of carelessness. Does he care ? Does it suit the Spanish Sopristos cunning plan? Perhaps he is happy to ship out two of the older lags especially if they are playing up . Perhaps they don't fit in with his tactics for the season ahead and he would prefer to assemble a younger squad who are more loyal to himself and Gus Poyet. He only now has to carry the support of Ledley and practically all the rest are Ramos men.

He is still in his honeymoon period with the Spurs fans and could almost get away with anything. He has bought himself time with the Carling Cup win and the certainty of Uefa cup football next season and may prefer to make his big changes in personnel early and bank on a good start to the season..Personally I think that this is a risky strategy as a team of strangers will take more time to settle. But Ramos is known to be a bit of a gambler with tactics and favour a bold attacking approach and his treatment of the players may echo this. The evident bonding on the trip to Valencia may be part of the process to accelerate the team building process.

Nobody wishes Ramos ill, that would be ridiculous,but Spurs fans are well known for looking a gift horse in the mouth.They examine its teeth,demand to see the dentist's bills and study the vet's report carefully.And why not. We have been sold many false prospectuses over the years and got up at ungodly hours to witness a lot of false dawns.

Of course it will come down to the results of the first few games. Our season could easily be defined by the first six games as it was last season. Twelve points or more and we are on our way,success generates success.Less than ten we might struggle to challenge for the top honours. Six or less and we are looking to the cups again.

Ramos knows he has more than next season to establish himself but I am doubtful that he will see out his five year contract. If he has any sort of success at Spurs it will not be long before Real Madrid , Barcelona or indeed the Spanish national team come knocking. So he could be a man in a hurry.Not that Spur's fans will begrudge him his promotion if he earns it it by raising our level of achievement at the same tim

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