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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Et tu Keano

In some ways Berbatov going to Man.Utd will work to our advantage. I'll explain but stay with me.We only play them twice a season and rarely beat them. Berbatov will help them beat several teams who will be our rivals for a top six finish and therefor be more of an asset to us at Man.Utd than he would be if he stays, and we will have £28 million to spend .The point is that we will not ,this season,be serious rivals for the top two (probably Man.Utd and Chelsea ) so that the more damage these two do the better for us. Of course we usually beat Chelsea these days so that will work even more to our advantage.

Now this is absolute bollocks as you will have realised yet it does have a curious logic. What it shows is that a demented fan will go to any lengths to extract a positive from a negative. I am now resigned to Berbatov's departure and find that I am more upset by Robbie Keane's flirtation with Benitez. Berbatov has never really been a great badge kisser and winning the Carling Cup seems to have whetted his appetite for success rather than satisfying it.

Robbie has been a 'True Spur' for at least a couple of seasons and said that he would be proud to remain so for the rest of his career. Player of the year, vice-captain and all that and suddenly he apparently yearns to play for his boyhood dream team. Whether this Liverpool thing is a mere adolescent fumble down Penny Lane or a serious affair remains to be seen. If he found being substituted occasionly by Ramos irritating then wait till Benitez gets his rotation policy knife into him. Unlike Gus Poyet who has quickly moved to scotch the talk linking him with United nothing has been forthcoming from Keane about these rumours though Benitez comments seem to give them credibility. Although I concede that if players were to deny every rumour that surfaced then the rain forest would have been destroyed almost overnight.

However even if Berbatov leaves I will not change my view of him as the best player we have seen at the Lane for some years and my feeling that whatever his body language, facial expression or hand gestures his contribution to the team was a positive one in the only way that really matters, goals and assists. I would prefer him to go abroad as I don't believe the first paragraph, and it was ' me what wrote it' . The prospect of replacing a 40 goal a season partnership would daunt me but then I'm not being paid millions per season to sort it out.

There is a theory that Ramos will play with a single striker and three supporting offensive midfielders. This would play to Bent's strengths and could indicate the way tactics will go. Ramos has favoured a 4231 system with attacking full-backs in the past and could be setting Tottenham up to play this way. However I am not a great student of 'systems' and view football as a much more fluid game which is more about players than patterns of play. What makes a great manager is the ability to play the cards you are dealt effectively; to be able to think on your feet tactically,and to have at your disposal players with the ability to adapt to different situations.

In a match you may set out with a game plan,which might be different depending on whether you are at home or away. This will change if you go a goal down and be different again if you go a goal up and this will vary in relation to the timing of these events. You need a manager and players who can adapt and respond to the changing situation. I believe that this is the reason that Ramos replaced Martin Jol who generally speaking was too conservative, inflexible and slow to react. But let's not go down that rutted cart track again.

The truth is that we do not know who will be available for selection on the first day of the season, either because of transfers or fitness and though it is sort of fun to speculate and to respond to rumour it drives you mad in the end and you end up tying yourself in knots trying to prove that good is bad and bad is good. You want proof: read that first paragraph again.

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Couldn't agree more Jimmy. You've got every point spot on.

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