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Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Came across a new word this week.'Meh' It was used in a reply to a comment of mine on a Spurs fansite.Its the equivalent of a shrug in body language. It can mean 'so what' 'whatever' 'perhaps but who cares' and so on.
First came to wider notice in a couple of episodes of the Simpsons and now ubiquitous on the web.
Some amateur etymologists on the web reckon 'meh' is derived from Yiddish, pointing to a 1936 song that uses it as the sound of a goat bleating. A poster on called it a "Yiddish interjection used to express disdain that borders on apathy", This was certainly how it was used in the reply to me.As a sometime student of language I find this quite interesting but then that peculiar event occurred when you something new occurs,it happens again.The next day in a Guardian column by Marina Hyde it was there again.
Being the Guardian and previously a fansite I assumed it was a typing error and I may well have come across the word before. Certainly I have come across it since. I havn't used it yet but I almost certainly will as it seems a useful rejoinder to a fans views that I want to dismiss.

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