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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Now where was I ?

You know that feeling that you get when you drive down your street after a couple of weeks holiday and the realisation grows that nothing has changed and you don't know whether to feel sad,relieved or elated.

Well I've just got that feeling from a quick survey of the Spurs websites. Two weeks without Sky, without internet access, without newspapers and you know what,its more or less the same. Barry is still at Villa; Ronaldo is still at Man.U;Bentley is still at Blackburn;and best of all Berbatov is still at Spurs. We haven't been bought by a foreign dictator. Ramos is still with us.White Hart Lane looks as if it will be our home ground for another season. The sun is in its heaven and all's right with world.

We seem to have signed a good goalkeeper who is so keen to dominate his area that he renders his own defenders unconscious and yet another young hopeful which seems to suggest that Ramos doesn't rate our home-grown contenders. But apart from that its as if time has stood still. Apart of course from the spotlight switching from Berbatov to Keane. I would have put money on Robbie staying and Dimitar going and this is still the most likely outcome. But just when you think its safe to leave the country with Keane the player of the year and a solid bet to be a Spurs hero next year you return to rumours of transfer(denied).

Of course the more speculation the alleged proper journalists post the more chance they've got of getting one right. They aught to have a league table like they do for racing tipsters showing the percentage of correct forecasts that each columnist and broadcaster achieves.

I was pleased to be in Spain when they won the European title, playing good attacking,skilful football and thought their victory was deserved and about time: perhaps its our turn next. We can hardly claim that we have many players of the quality of Villa,Torres,Fabregas,Senna,Ramos or Da Silva. Who from the current England team would make the Spanish side? Up front or in attacking roles nobody except Rooney on a good day. Midfield and defence perhaps Ferdinand and Gerrard. Senna would be a good call for our defensive midfielder but doubt he will be available to any club not in the Champion's League

Just seen pictures of the lads at training:Berbatov smiling and training with the other players,not as reported on his own; Ledley King running and/or kicking a ball. We are kept very much in the dark as to the fitness of Bale , King and Ekkotto and unless I missed it whilst on holiday we don't know whether any of these will be fit for the new season. Perhaps no news is good news.

Even the so called quality press seem to drop their standards when it comes to the football pages. In the Guardian today it categorically states,without quotes or sources, that we have offered Bent,Robinson and Gardner (and possibly Levy's missis) for Bentley, having previously offered Lennon and £7million. Now anybody could make this stuff up,but the mystery is why do we take any notice. The websites are full of frenzied speculation by Spurs fans as to the likelihood of these confident forecasts and their relative merits. Perhaps we know really that its rubbish but in the absence of football itself summer transfer speculation is the new sport. A little more hard information from the club would help, more updates and less guff from players about what their hopes are and what they plan to do, mostly designed to flatter the manager or ingratiate themselves with the club. You know who you are.


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surveying said...

Nice Article Jimmy it looks like staying away from news for a while is not too bad afterall. Anywayz i wud rather have more changes at the lane and with ramos that will only have for the good. Berb and keane will both stay and we will hopefully get bentley.

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