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Friday, 1 August 2008

It was only Norwich but

I'm trying not to get too excited,but I don't expect it will last. After all it was only a friendly and it was only Norwich. But, and here we go, Spurs played very well. It always helps when you have quality players and Modric and Dos Santos are certainly that. But it was the passing and movement particularly in the first quarter of an hour and the whole of the second half once Norwich had been seen off as an attacking force ,or defensive come to that, that hinted at the good things to come.

More positives:obviously the calm and effectiveness of Bent; the persistance of O'Hara, particularly for the second goal; the promise of Gunter and his part in the interpassing that set up Bent for the last goal; the liveliness of Dos Santos and the skill that set up the first goal; the curbing of Zokora's enthusiasm, both he and Taraabt passed the ball more quickly; the sight of King apparently fit and Bale too though both a little rusty. I thought too that Ekotou and Gilberto looked skillful and effective .I was pleased too by the sight of Huddleston and feel that he and Zokora will share defensive midfield duties. Remember too that both can play effectively at centre half if required as they did here after Dawson was injured and King subbed.

The goalkeeper is obviously a good shot stopper and is determined to command the area. He seems a little impetuous but this will be an improvement as far as the defence is concerned. It's obviously early days but Ramos has clearly instructed the team to retain possession and to vary the tempo of the play. In Modric and Jenas he has two excellent players who make themselves available and keep the play moving. I am aware that Jenas is not in Modric's class at the moment but hope that he will fullfil his potential this season. He has all the qualities required except self belief and an element of determination. He will need to step up because although I think that Ramos will give him a chance early in the season we will have plenty of able replacements with Bentley and Arshavin rumoured to be on their way.

I thought that Dos Santos was bought with the future in mind but he looks as if he will feature from the start. O'Hara certainly by his performance here did his future prospects no harm at all and will be an excellent back up.The real excitement of the evening however was Four goal Bent.He bided his time,made all the right runs,kept onside and took his four goals especially the first two with skill and pace. I am very pleased for him and thought he might fall foul of the Berbatov/Keane Defoe syndrome. In the same way that Robinson can't go from 'Englands number one' to hopeless in a season nor can Bent go from a 20 goal a season man to useless in the same time.

And here I come to the really exciting part, Berbatov is still with us and looked relaxed despite what the 'Daily Mail' picture feature attempted to show. I think we will buy another foreward in the Bent style because I don't regard Berbatov as a front line foreward. He likes to drop off and in his partnership with Keane was often the support attacker. He did score some tap ins but quite a few of his goals came from near the edge of the penalty area.

So you can make too much of a single performance, Spurs often flatter to deceive,its early doors,it was only Norwich ,but I can feel the excitement rising and will do my utmost to keep it under control.

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