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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Watch and enjoy

As published on 'Topspurs' Vox Pop pre-season review

As a new boy to this pre-season prediction lark I thought I would read last season's vox pop as Jim had thoughtfully provided a link. Oh dear what a depressing half-hour. So much hope and optimism,so much anticipation and desire. As they say 'Its the hope that kills you'.
Anyway here goes based mainly on the new signings, the hope that Berbatov stays and our impressive performances so far.

I am on record as not craving success at the expense of good football and that is my first prediction: Spurs will play better,slicker,on the ground,possession football this season. A goalkeeper that rolls the ball out and Modric will help to achieve this. We have a better quality squad with perhaps Arshavin and Veloso possible additions. Watch and enjoy.

We will do better than last year: top six and hopefully the Uefa cup. I won't go any further than this,I don't mind a medium free-range egg on my face but an ostrich egg no thank you.

Jermaine Jenas will be vice captain and will step up and he and Modric will be the driving forces ,
(announced this morning that JJ is VC but I'm leaving it in as I wrote this before .Honest)

We will score almost as many goals as last year and concede far fewer. Midfield will contribute more and Modric will outscore Jenas.

There will be more switching roles during play and more players will be given the opportunity to step up to the first team squad. Ramos likes flexible players and we now have several that can fulfil multiple roles.(Zokora ,Bale Huddleston,Gunter,Bentley,Lennon,Berbatov,Jenas,Modric and Arshavin if he comes. Our formation will fool the fans and confuse our opponents

Berbatov will stay.(So that could be wrong before this is published).This is more fervent hope than prediction.

Woodgate,Modric and Gomes will fight it out for player of the season. Modric wins.

Jenas,Zokora and Berbatov will win over the fans and become official 'true Yids'.I think Robbie Keane's mantle is lying around somewhere.

There will be no progress towards the new stadium due to the 'credit crunch'.

Ramos will still be manager next season whatever happens (Barring relegation of course)

Bent will score 25 goals or more this season.

We will beat Middlesbrough by three clear goals on the opening day of the season.

The crystal ball is clouding over but that's enough hostages to fortune and I'm putting a tea-towel over it. But wait is that Ledley holding aloft the Premier League trophy and being knighted by the Queen.
'Arise Sir Ledley' no wait,wait 'Arise Lord Ledley of White Hart Lane'.I know you don't get knighted by the Queen for Lordships but whose fantasy is this?

'Wake up JimmyG your teas getting cold.'
'Oh sorry love must have dropped off there for a season or two

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