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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The best of times: the worst of times

Why don't we keep our heads down and keep quiet? Why do we have to keep mentioning Top Four,Champions league,Cup runs and so on? I've been a Spurs supporter now for a very long time and been through some good times,some very good times, and some bad times,some very bad times. Thats what this is; a bad time. It's not one of the very bad times,but it might be. We don't know yet. Its not likely,the team is talented and young and we have a good manager. I thought we would do well this season, but then I always do.

So why don't we keep quiet and wait for things to take a turn for the better. This applies to the players too. They are either talking public relations platitudes on the official website, or caught in the headlights of a reporters microphone spouting rubbish. See this week's performances by Jenas talking about 'playing ugly' and Bales woeful meanderings about 'video nasties'. Although I'm not sure that he actually said these words.

Well we don't keep quiet as fans because we follow a great club,with a fine record and a history and tradition to be proud of. We have a right to expect better and to look towards the future with optimism. We may get relegated. There's no law the says that Tottenham have to stay in the Premiership. So be it. We are still a great club,with a fine record and a history and tradition to be proud of. The fair weather supporters will melt away and the true fans will remain.

There is an obstinate,awkward streak in most fans and certainly amongst Spurs fans that insists on talking top four as we lose yet another winnable game. Good for them I say. That's what supporters do: they support. Sometimes its hard and the boos at the end of the Wigan game are not helpful to the team. We were pretty quiet during the first half too as nervous as the players it seemed. Perhaps if we had given them a tumultuous welcome and cheered from the start it might have made the difference. But probably not. The place for our forensic analysis and even for withering criticism of the players is on fansites which hopefully the players and manager do not read.

If we don't stand up and back them who will? I think its fair to say that we are the laughing stock of the Premiership,at the moment, well apart from Newcastle of course and by a neat coincidence we play them tonight. But we often are of late because of some over inflated delusions,not only by us, but by the media. Fans always hope and perhaps think that their team will win the Premiership every year. And so they should. Thats what fans are for. Let our opponents run us down, don't do their job for them.

I think that Levy has mishandled the replacement of Berbatov, Keane and Defoe. I think that we have performed with a lack of spirit and the longer a poor run goes on the harder it is to reverse it.I think that Ramos has been wrong in some of his team selection and placement of players. But in general the Board has backed the manager and the team is better and has more potential than in previous seasons. It needs time to settle,or gel, as the current term has it. But gel it will,probably sooner rather than later. But if it doesn't hang in there. All these problems and mismanagements are temporary blips in the long and wonderful history of our club.

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