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Monday, 6 October 2008

Fiddling while Rome burns

Wed 1st October.
The world financial system is in meltdown; the Conservatives could win the next election; Senator McCain could win the U.S. Presidential race and here we are worrying whether Tottenham could go out of the Uefa cup this afternoon and whether Hull....Hull! might beat us on Sunday. Fiddling while Rome burns or what. I think its called displacement activity. At least we know a bit more about Spurs than either of the other two.

Or do we. I am reasonably well educated and a keen student of the politics of the Western world but cannot for the life of me even guess why Gilberto was preferred to Modric against Portsmouth. So perhaps Tottenham is more of a mystery than the world's financial and political systems after all.
There are some good omens: Berbatov and Keane have broken their ducks proving that quality will triumph in the end. By this logic we will sail out of the doldrums quite soon, maybe today, and the crisis will be over. A clean sheet and the Wisla tie is ours and look out Hull.

Against Wisla we were nervy and disjointed. Individuals flickered occasionly but rarely at the same time. We were lucky, if signing a top quality goalkeeper can be termed 'lucky'. Bent and Zokora went close and Frazier Cambell again looked lively. In my view nobody played badly apart from Woodgate and King being caught out for their goal. Gomez came when he probably should have stayed but that's how he is and it is a fault on the right side as he will save more than he lets in by doing so. We were not a cohesive unit and rarely played 'joined up' football as they say in politics.

However we won so all the dramatic scenarios about a new manager have been temporarily postponed,although the papers are awash with stories of Avram Grant or Terry Venables replacing Comolli. The part time journalist Phil Space seems to have taken up a permanent role these days. My how we'll laugh when we look back after we've won a few matches.

Against Hull on Sunday we should pretend that its a fifth round cup tie and go for it as if it was all or nothing. In fact we should play all our remaining fixtures in cup tie mode because if we don't start 'gelling' soon our fixtures will in fact become make or break occasions.

Sunday 5th.October.

Well we made a bit more effort; won all the statistics and went down to a Geovanni special. Lennon was substituted when playing well; Bentley was a sort of right back. Our best player was Jenas and whatever some fans think the England manager agrees. Ironically it was probably our best performance of the season in terms of chances and effort.

Will Ramos get the sack? I don't think so as it will achieve very little and leave Comolli and Levy very exposed after their Martin Jol coup of a year ago. They are all going to hang together when the time comes and it won't be until Xmas at the earliest.

Who would take Ramos' place? Poyet as caretaker presumably but why would the monkey be an improvement on the organ grinder? He is an integral part of what is happening at Spurs. Kinnear isn't available for at least two months; so Terry Venables it is then. I still think that Ramos, Poyet and the players will turn it round and that relegation is unlikely.

As the season progresses I am obviously finding it harder to hang on to this belief and to rationally explain why I believe it. Its something to do with the quality of the squad and the pedigree of the manager, but I have expressed doubts about the magical qualities of Ramos before and our league performance and record since the Carling Cup win is abysmal. The case against Comolli is arguable, you can prove whatever you want . Levy isn't going anywhere until he cashes in his chips and we are where we are. Sacking Ramos may feel like justice for our poor record but it would destabilise the club and the team.

In my view he should be given a full season and should be told this by Levy. If we were to get relegated he should be tasked with the job of getting us back up again. It would not be the end of the world, or of the club. Disappointing,embarrassing, inconvenient,humiliating maybe but not the end of the world.

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