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Thursday, 12 February 2009

JimmyG2's hot topic roundup

We could have, we should have, but we didn't. Not just a quick summary of the Arsenal game but in some ways a summary of the the season, and of the past couple of decades really. We are always on the verge of achieving something, unfortunately this year its avoiding relegation, but somehow lack the mental energy to pull it off. But on to more pressing matters.

JimmyG2's hot topic round up.

(1)Will we avoid relegation?
Almost probably. Much fervent filling in by a multitude of fans on prediction websites forcasting anything from 17th to top ten. This latter is backed up by the players on the official site and Glen Hoddle. No one predicts relegation. Our fans can stand up and be counted when it matters. I think that we will just scrape it , possibly 40 points which this year might just do.

(2)Is Wilson Palacios the new Dave Mackay?
There I've said it .Well its what you are all thinking, someone 's got to be the first. What after two games? Be serious. He looks good ; strong ,determined, good shot, tackles well, aware of what's happening around him. But he's new: he'll soon settle down.

(3) Should Robbie Keane have been made captain?
Another fan splitter along the lines of 'Should we have re-signed Robbie Keane?' General consensus seems to be yes to both. I think Harry has made a bold gesture here that may come back to haunt him. Apparently Woodgate and Dawson are happy with it but it makes it difficult to drop or sub him and we know he doesn't like either. The Defoe problem has been kicked in the foot until next season.

(4) Do we need a new manager?
Well Harry has been here nearly 6 months and Levy might be getting jumpy as we are not
making a lot of progress up the league. Chelsea are challenging us for the 'sack race cup'
but I think he will leave it until the summer. Just a guess but I'm not always wrong.

(5) Is Modric tall enough for the Premiership?
This is usually disguised as 'Is Modric strong enough for the Premiership' but I know where they are coming from. Its usually linked with Defoe (5ft6) and Lennon (5ft 5) the shortest player in the Premiership, who are rarely questioned about their strength. He's the same height as Jimmy Greaves ( 5ft.8) which is good enough for me. So that's a 'yes' then. However I have to agree that it makes selection and transfers easier if you discount skill, and just go on height.

(6)How many players will be sold in the summer?
Or given away. Bent our top scorer will be upgraded. Giovani Dos Santos will be fattened up and parcelled off. Rocha, Gilberto and Zokora will be thanked for their services. Gunter and one or two others will be loaned. For those searching for Jenas's name stop now. Harry likes him. Unless Harry can do the old arm,shoulder thing Huddleston might try to better himself.

(8)How many players will be bought in the summer?
Too many, especially if one of them is Stewart Downing.

(9) Will a sport's psychologist be appointed to Spurs this year?
A hot topic on some fan sites. It is designed to stop Tottenham's alleged fear of winning. I can exclusively reveal that the Institute of Sport's Psychologists (Enfield Branch) have
placed an embargo on any of their staff taking up any such placement. A spokesman said 'We know our limitations'.

Of course if we are relegated then all bets are off. There will be a lot of well fed rats leaving the sinking ship, and hungry mice snuffling their way up the gangplank. Harry will be sacked and Levy will resign.
Not all bad news then.

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