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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thanks Harry

Dear Harry,
Just a line to apologise: firstly for doubting your ability to rescue us after our disastrous start; I think you know the relevant statistics; secondly to thank you for getting our high quality squad to play somewhere near its potential. I wasn't 'over the moon' when I heard you had been appointed and your straight from the heart interviews would be better if they were straight from the head but I was wrong and I like you 'warts and all'.

We wobbled after the new manager bounce floundered and my doubts resurfaced and to be honest it was only after the wins against Aston Villa and Chelsea that I finally accepted that we probably won't be relegated. Nope scrap that 'probably'.

If I were you I would have told the lads to go easy. We're out of trouble, let's leave it now until next season. You've even got me working out how high we could get. Now, if we don't make the Europa Cup and finish above West Ham in seventh, Spurs fans and Daniel Levy will be calling for your head and calling this season a disaster.

Mass suicides would have been the order of the day if the unthinkable had happened. I must admit I've been chewing over the 'unthinkable' all season. However no more of that sort of talk, we're out of the woods and on the sunlit uplands of mid table, with the prospect of an enticing vista just over the brow of this next hill at Blackburn.

Can I presume to offer you a little advice? Don't buy any new players this summer. I know it goes against your alleged instincts and certainly goes against the Tottenham way over the last decade. I am sure that the statistics are available to you but ponder the fact that almost all the currently successful teams bar Chelsea have long standing managers, or 'longish' in Premiership terms, and more settled squads.

So give it a try: keep the squad we have now, including the much criticised Bent and Bentley. Its taken us all season to 'gel' as they say, don't disrupt things with another job lot of players bought because they are cheap, or expensive; young, or experienced; British, or foreign or whatever and go forward with the present squad

This is not the time to carp and criticise. We all have our faults but in your case they are far outweighed by your achievements. I didn't like the virtual abandonment of our European chances but you have been vindicated in recent weeks and it would be ironic if we qualified for Europe anyway.

Your policy of buying back former Spurs players, especially Robbie, has worked even though I had my doubts about that too, though not because I doubted his ability, and about making him captain. Palacios has added strength to the midfield so again my advice is 'quit while your ahead'. But so far you've been right and I've been wrong every time. You might have problems when Jermain returns. Does he know about Robbie or is his missis still hiding the newspapers?

So thank you Harry. Having achieved the near impossible you could turn your thoughts to the enigma that is Tom Huddleston and how we can fit him into the midfield with Modric, Lennon,Jenas and Palacios. There are plenty of players you could wrap your arm around; Adel Taarabt and Gio Dos Santos for a start. Oh and Gareth Bale. Then you could turn your thoughts to David Bentley before splashing the usual £15 million on Downing, although I think I've solved that one for you. Don't bring anyone in before you've sorted out what you've got.

The easy way out is to sell them all and bring a new lot in. But it doesn't work Harry, it doesn't work. We've proved that conclusively over many years, and that applies to managers as well as players.

All the best to Sandra. I think she can cut down on the heading practice and the near post runs now as Darren's had an England call up and so we probably won't be needing her.

Yours and thanks again,


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