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Thursday, 11 June 2009

If it aint broke don't fix it

Well I knew I wouldn't be able to do it and so did all of you. You know, the 'ostrich' approach thingy towards transfer rumours. I kept it up for nearly 24hrs and then in a moment of stress in the early hours cracked and posted on the rumour about Van Nistelroy.

Since then I have indulged several times. My name is JimmyG2 and I am a rumour addict. I made the pledge to ignore the transfer window because I seriously thought that we had reached some sort of understanding about stability and some kind of contentment, with the team, especially the defence, in view of our good finish to the season.

Now there is not a team in the world that cannot be improved, but in view of our poor starts for the last three seasons due in no small part to the constant turnover of players and managers there seemed to be an appreciation that the priority was for a settled team to deliver this.

Its not the fact that we are being linked to several dozen players and that most of the team will apparently be sold that unnerves me. That is just the normal press feeding frenzy and it can be ignored though not completely as I have proved. It is the apparent abandon of many Spurs supporters who cheerfully embrace the idea that four or five players in and perhaps more out will enable us to start the season well.

Harry has certainly earned himself another season at the very least. The team has shown signs of playing to its potential; defensive records have been broken; injured players have returned with some success; the youth teams have done extraordinarily well and we still have some talented youngsters who may well make the step up.

However the lure of foreign stars, exotic names, bargains too good to be missed, fashionable players to replace the unfashionable ones as some have it, holds sway. Never mind that most of players who are an improvement on what we have won't come, and that the rest are no better and will need time to integrate.

My advice to Spurs fans is 'always look a gift horse in the mouth' especially if its 33 yrs old and been out for 7 months with a recurring knee injury. Nor do gift horses usually demand £70 thousand pounds a week in oats and hay. There isn't even an empty stall in the stable.

Is there some sort of attention span deficit problem with football supporters in general and Spurs fans in particular? In the old days you identified with the team and its players. Familiarity was part of the deal. There was a two way loyalty between players and fans. Players like Ledley and Gareth Barry were the norm: a decade at a club was nothing. You can't be a true Tottenham player if you are just in transit. I'm not suggesting we return to the slave conditions of the 50's but we seemed to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

Of course success is a powerful magnet and you are more likely to retain your players if you are playing regularly at the top level as Man. Utd have shown. But at the moment we are an escalator to higher things for the Carrick's, Berbatov's, and Keane's of this world and regrettably the Lennon's and Modric's. Keane's return was not only a kick in the teeth for those that stayed but a demonstration of our 'bitch' status in the general scheme of things.

This season things are made more complicated by the sudden riches showering down upon Man. City who have the ability along with Chelsea to outbid us on any top player we might fancy. They did so last season with Bellamy which just goes to prove that too much money clouds your judgement. I wouldn't have signed him if he had been on a free and accepted an 'Opus' as his first week's wages.

With the steady improvement of Everton and Villa and Fulham, to get into the top six this year will be an achievement which I would be very pleased to welcome. But the usual impatient stirrings are evident. If we just get a left winger, get some back up for Ledley, sign another left back, upgrade the midfield and the strikers we will be able to challenge for top four. I make that at least five new signings, which in my view is four, or even five too many.

Harry has moved from 'two or three top,top signings to 'three or four, whoever we can get' and the transfer window isn't even open yet.

Arrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying: broke, it, don't, it, aint, fix, if.
There's a clue in the title.


alwyn said...

on behalf of the Malaysian Spurs fans, great job keeping us uptodate with the views happening in and around WHL, Jimmy.

any idea why it's being rumoured that Redknapp is selling almost 14 players? incl. the likes off Jenas?! (also, any reason why we can't be a bit more patient with Pav? what are we expecting? top-notch form at every game? not even Ronaldo is like this...)

Alwyn (from Kuala Lumpur) said...

Hi Alwyn glad to be of service.
I don't know what the Malaysian papers are like but the British press like to publish as many rumours a day as they can,usually I suspect gathered from Fansites rather than their own sources.
So all this chit chat and alledged ITK stuff (in the knows) is pure hearsay and sometimes fabrication.
The 14 player exodus is nonsense but as many as 6/7 may move on and some of the fringe and younger players will go out on loan.
Jenas was linked with Mourinho at Inter very early on and is said to be uncertain of Harry's intentions. Fans are split between supporters, myself included, and the 'Jenas haters' of which there are many.He might move if he genuinly feels unloved. My guess is that he won't. But it is a guess.
The Pavlyuchenko stuff is most disheartening. I think that he is a classy player who has already given us a good return and will do even better next season.
Bent is more likely to go.

Alwyn said...

hi jimmy, the m'sian papers basically report the 'main' stuff but hey we're on iGoogle, too! not to mention the THFC's main website, etc.

was talking to a fren this morning about jenas - we're totally blur as to how anyone can 'hate' JJ. my memory is nowhere near yours but didn't JJ:

- score crucial goals (often against the Scum)?
- experienced and loyal, even catching Capello's eye at one time?

sure at times he seems 'invisible' but if THAT'S the criteria we'd have to hate almost everyone on the squad, no?!

on a more pleasant note, many of us here are secretly glad that Berba isn't doing too well at Manure...personally, i loved him at spurs but when he turned his back on us those early games, sigh...

JimmyG2 said...

Attitude to Jenas is basically that he doesn't do the good things often enough and that he has had plenty of time to fulfil his 'promise' and should move on.
I am a fan of Jenas and think he does a lot of the bread and butter fetching and carrying,linking up play and is disciplined and reliable.
Statistics show that we do better with him in the team.
Berbatov is the best player Spurs have had on their books since Gascoigne but a lot of fans thought he was lazy and surly and he was quite unpopular.A lot of people agree with you about relishing his average start at Man.Utd.but I think that with the exit of Ronaldo and the possible loss of Tevez he will do very well next season.
I still love to watch him play personally. Pity its not for Spurs.
Good to talk to you.

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