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Friday, 24 July 2009

Famous player and six mates attacked by unknown DJ

You are the DJ of a small bar. Actually you're in charge of the card that controls the CD player but let's not split hairs.
You are approached by a very famous footballer who doesn't think much of the music on offer and tries to take over.
He is out celebrating a victory with his six mates. They are 7/10ths drunk by famous player's own admission

Do you
(a) Smile , say 'well done against the bar codes mate' and pass over the card.
(b) Refuse and appear not to realise to whom you are talking.

One of famous player's mates whacks you in the face with his elbow just as famous player is trying to smooth things over.
Do you

(a) Run
(b) Take all seven on starting with famous player who delivers three uppercuts in rapid succession not realising that one of his mates has just initiated an assault.

Six of the seven plead guilty to causing an affray. Famous player pleads self defence and is found not guilty and leaves without a stain on his character.

Do you.

(a) Think yourself lucky not to be on a charge of wasting police time..
(b) Apply immediately for an Everton season ticket.

Mostly (a)s
You are a very nice man; a sensible and law abiding upstanding citizen.

Mostly (b)s
You are a trouble maker who doesn't know his place and deserve everything you got.

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