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Monday, 27 July 2009

The Future's bright

You gave 'em a chance Harry and they didn't let you down. Gawd bless you sir.
That's the main positive I take from the Wembley Cup, played at Wembley by the way, between four teams chosen at random by the Premium Bond computer.

Bostock, Livermore, Rose and Naughton are ready in my view to be introduced to the first team squad. Against Barcelona, where Livermore scored a brave headed equaliser, and Celtic they made the difference in both second halves with their skill and enthusiasm. This could be a brilliant boost for the club when injuries are giving us some problems especially to Woodgate, King and Dawson. Dervite needs to be paired with an experienced centre half which helped bring out the best of Dawson when he first started.

Pre -season is going really well now .We've hardly won a game for ages which augers well for the start of the season. I was surprised to learn that we hadn't lost a friendly for four years. In fact since Celtic beat us 2-0. Statistics are uncanny sometimes. Perhaps this season we will achieve something in the EPL instead of in pre-season.

Barcelona gave us a demonstration of how to keep the ball, a modern take on the old coaching manual's instructions:

(1)If you haven't got it, get it.
(2)When you get it, keep it.
(3)While you've got it, use it.

However we didn't buckle and kept our shape. In the second half we came back strongly and in the last 15mins, when we had five youngsters on, we not only equalised but looked the more likely to score again. Celtic, who have a Champions' League game coming up, seemed fitter and more determined than us; they were quicker to the ball and with the ball.

But that is what pre-season is for, to step up fitness, to appraise the squad, to see how it performs under pressure, and try out tactics and pairings. Its more for the coaches than the fans. Even Modric played poorly today which must tell us something about something. Bent had possibly his last chance, or in fact his last three chances, to save his Tottenham career but declined the opportunities.

We look as if we are to replace Bent with Crouch and there is about as much difference in their footballing abilities overall as in their names. Harry said he didn't learn much from the game against Celtic, which is cagey manager speak for 'I learnt plenty but I'm not telling you'. I hope.

Our youth teams throughout the club have had a brilliant season and we could be about to reap the rewards. With the addition of Naughton who looks a real prospect we have four or five players who are hovering on the edge of the squad and have this pre-season to show how ready, or not, they are. Bale and Giovani must also come into the reckoning if they are still with us. Search teams report 'no sightings'.

I would rather go this route than bring in a couple of grizzled old pro's to give us more backbone. Give the youngsters their heads and lets enjoy finishing 10th. If we are going to finish mid-table, which we well might, I would be happier to do it with the judicious mixture of age and youth which we already have on the books. Then we can really look forward with some optimism.

I am reserving judgement on our prospects for the season until we get the dreaded pre-season 'vox pop' summons from Mr. Duggan. The arrival of our youngsters gives me a reason for optimism, I always find something, even if some of the individual and team performances do not.


TottenhamBlog said...

I agree that the performances of the youngsters were one of the few positives that can be taken from the tournament.

With Downing at Villa and Young unlikely to leave, perhaps Rose will provide back up to Modric this season. Also liked the look of Bostock. Very strong on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Erm. Slightly worried. As good a prospects the young lads are, they played against two junior teams and you would hope that they would be up for it, given the opportunity to play at Wembley and also against a third string Barca team.

Livermore scored a good goal, played in Defoe with a great pass and then spent the second half against Celtic failing people. Naughton only his second fleeting appearance so cant fairly judge him. Rose looked useful down the Left. Bostock clealry has the potential to be a class player.

We desperately need to strengthen. O'Hara is not good enough and yes he loves Spurs and cried when he missed a pen. Facts are facts, sell him to Fulham and pocket £4m. Bent hopefully will be gone tomorrow.

Muddlesbum has awesome passing ability but switches off and just does not do enough. Chimbonda needs to go aswell.

Charlie looked very sluggish as did Keane.

Please please sell KPB i cant bear to see him anywehere near the first team squad.

It is great to see the youngsters given a chance and a couple could warrant places on the bench for home games against the lower oppo. I would prefer to send these lads out on season long loans in the Chamionship to toughen them up and get playing time.

Anonymous said...

Bent was awful, Dervite was at fault for both the goals conceded. It was a 300 mile round trip for me to Wembley yesterday,although i got to see plenty of goals, well 7 to in total, im afraid none of them scored by a Tottenham Player. Hutton played well i thought, he got alot of stick from the Celtic fans but kept a cool head and provided a couple of telling passes into the box. Chimbonda can't play centre back, Dervite was at fault and also cant occupy that particular role at present so it kind of leaves us abit stuffed. Bent missed 3 maybe 4 chances to give the Tottenham fans something to shout about, but it was the Celtic fans who did all the shouting. Bye bye Bent, please can we take the plunge and get Huntelaar ???????? Crouch is not the name that everyone wants to hear at the lane next season, and if this continues, then its one 300 mile round trip i wont be making again soon.

Macca from Wolverhampton

yamon said...

am delighted to see these young men appear on our horizon. and I do pray it is not only for the pre-season

billiospur said...

Well stated article .....the main point is we,re using all the alternative options in pre season game etc in their developing spurs player relationships..
wth barcelona game they playes and moved the ball well.....closer ties with la liga clubs for the youngsters as well as english league experience with loans in tune with developing the club forward....essential

on viera his presence is something very high
got the t shirt...

Anonymous said...

Last season we started with a hole in our attack and this season it looks like being a hole in our defence - none of the youngsters you mentioned plays central defence except Dervitte who has disqualified himself.Funnily, Harry has only just realised we are vulnerable in this department even though there were a number of us suggesting a back up for central defence was needed at the end of last season -can Crouch play there...? Could be we're about to start another season on the wrong foot ?

Anonymous said...

While we have a great amount of young English talent, it won't translate into results in the Premier League. Dervite and Naughton are promising, but certainly should not be in our starting XI. As for the Rose, Bostock, Gio, etc., they're too physically weak to make an impact in a midfield which surely must feature both Lennon and Modric. What we need is players who are strong physically and work their socks off (bar Palacios and maybe Keane, we have no one). Our inability to maintain possession is a serious concern. Wouldn't mind seeing Vieira come in for that very reason. Joe Cole would be an ideal signing but may be a bit beyond our reach. Why not turn to Tuncay? He could play on the left, has excellent touch and vision, and will work harder than anyone on the pitch. An experienced centreback to partner Corluka in the opening weeks of the season is a must. We simply cannot afford another bad start!

Anonymous said...

While you were at Wembley, folks in New York had the pleasure of watching Gio Dos Santos completely dismantle the US National Team, as Mexico took the Gold Cup in a 5-0 thrashing of the US.
In a word, Gio was : immense! He won the player of the Tournament award, and he thoroughly deserved it. Please, please, 'Arry- our left wing problems could be solved (even though he played on the right for Mexico)!
What a game he had, I'm still in awe of his preformance yesterday. COYS!

JimmyG2 said...

Thankyou people.
I said 'hovering on the edge of the squad', but with seven subs allowed on the bench I think two or three should make the bench and one every game should get on the pitch.
Livermore and Bostock have the edge for me on Ohara.
Rose, and I agree Dos Santos, thats where he's hiding, offer hope down the left, although the latter came to us as a striker.
Naughton and Hutton can cover right back especially if Corluka has to go in the middle which looks likely.
Remember we had Ledley, Woodgate, Dawson, Bale,and yes Bentley missing. Bentley can't play as badly this season surely. Surprised he's still with us actually.

Alwyn said...

i watched the Barca goal whilst chewing on my chinese pork noodles - that black striker just WALTZED thru our defence!!! wtf?!! i hope somebody's doing something about that?

but yes very encouraging to see young blood moving up. i admit, though, that i feel weird 'celebrating' a relatively poor pre-season (score-wise), esp. compared to last year's (5-0 against Roma!), but i trust Jim's judgment that this is necessary for a better premier start. said...

That was midfielder Yaya Toure brother of Kolo Toure at Arsenal. That sudden burst from midfield or fullback is a Barcelona tactic which certainly took us by surprise here.
Three players including Palacios tried and failed to stop him. Huddlestone got a foot in but the loose ball fell to a striker.
There's no reason why we shouldn't have a great pre-season and then do well in ther EPL; it just doesn't seem to happen that way.

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