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Monday, 20 July 2009

Give ' em a chance Harry

And so the whirligig of time spirals on and at its centre in the heart of stillness lies Tottenham in the current transfer window. I'm following my own advice from a previous blog and if I can't find facts I'm making them up. In this case its quotes. If Shakespeare had been alive that's what I believe he would have said in relation to our lack of activity in the transfer market.

Is it a steely eyed , poker faced, determination in the battle to secure new players on the part of Harry and Daniel? Or can't we afford them? Or don't they regard us as a step up in their careers? Who knows and frankly who cares any more. So Crouch it is then, to be reunited with his chum Defoe and his mentor Mr.Redknapp and the the club that let him go years ago.

He would join an ever increasing band of returning players and I hope he has more success than his predecessors, who apart from Defoe who has been mainly injured since his return, have done little to justify the fanfares at their return. Why are we buying Crouch? Because, like Everest, he's there. An apt metaphor I think.

Will he be more successful than Bent and give us better options? Is he better than Pavlyuchenko?Doubtful in either case but transfer windows are for transferring players and we want our share regardless. Actually they are to enable players to move to a club that pays better: Barry to Man. City. Or to enable players to improve their current contracts:Terry at Chelsea. As we don't pay top rates we can't attract 'ambitious' or greedy players but that to me is a blessing in disguise.

As for the players that we've sold so far, Zokora and Gunter, the first I've already paid tribute to but Gunter has raised some searching questions as to our 'youth policy'. This year we have had some very successful junior teams but few of the younger players have made the step up to the first team squad. So as usual the big headlines are created by the foreign 'stars' we might buy not the likelihood that Dervite, Bostock or Rose might save us a few millions by coming good. Even the precocious youths that we bought last year, Giovani and Taarabt, seem out of favour and likely to depart.

Gunter might not have the flair and promise of Bale but whenever he played he seemed sound to me but of course we have already assembled an 'overlap' of right backs, including the prodigal son Chimbonda, so he was deemed surplus to requirements. We didn't even make a profit.

Now perhaps these youths are just not good enough, or have nasty personal habits that only Harry sees on the training ground or in the canteen. There is bound to be some wastage in the Academy and young player process but if only one every couple of years makes it, even if we sell them on, this covers the cost of the entire process and can be justified on cost benefit terms. Whatever that is. I put that in for my large following amongst the accountancy fraternity

It goes deeper than this though. Harry came to us with a reputation for his flair at discovering and nurturing young talent. Last year we couldn't risk it as we struggled to escape the clutches of the dark lady of 'The Zone'. And this will apply if we make a bad start for the fourth year running. I'm worried already as pre-season, like last year, is going really well. Always a bad sign at Spurs.

But if we make a good start we won't want to jeopardise it and we don't have Europe to play about with this year. Promoting and nurturing youth is a mindset and requires vision by the manager and patience by the fans who are sometimes too quick to reject and must bear some of the blame for demanding instant success.

Rome wasn't built in a day and football teams that mean something to the fans can't just be bought over the counter. With Sunderland last year it was buy two and get one free. Send it back if you don't like it. It may work for Morrison's but is no way to run a football club.

Besides, which of our young and fringe players couldn't have done better than at least one of our expensive stars. Price tag, reputation and even experience don't always guarantee performance and a punt on some of the youngsters, not all at once obviously, might just surprise us and save us money too. Our lack of action in this window might just be to our advantage, if it continues, which it probably won't.


elwehbi said...

Great article Jimmy!

I honestly could not understand why we sold Gunter but I guess, all in all, we are seeing some of our youth players regularly appear in the pre-season squad; unlike last year (if I am not mistaken). They look good too! But as you mentioned, the jinx of an amazing pre-season can destroy us, just like last year. Crossing my fingers that we gel well together as a team from the get-go! Keep the articles coming, I am definitely a fan!


who framed ruel fox? said...

All good stuff here, Jimmy.

Thoughtful and thought-provoking as ever.

The striker conundrum is a strange one, though- If Crouch is the best we can feasibly get then why bother?- Change for change sakes seems like a waste of time. Can't see he's better or worse than what we already have.

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