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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm so excited I'm falling asleep

Relax fans, JimmyG2 has re-entered the building. I have been on holiday on the Orange Coast south of Valencia in Gandia with daughters, wife, and grandchildren. They call it 'Madrid on Sea' as its an easy motorway drive down from the capital and the closest point from there to the beautiful beaches and the sea.

Last year we went 10 miles further south to Oliva where the following week Spurs were based at the golf club. No sign of them this year as Harry obviously doesn't have Juande's contacts. Any more for the Bournemouth bus? Admit it you thought there wasn't going to a Tottenham connection there. JimmyG2 doesn't do just idle holiday reminiscence,though I've got some great shots of me and the grandchildren (4,5,6 yrs old) practising our defensive and attacking corner tactics. I'm Gomes obviously as I'm the tallest. We did penalties the second day. But I digress.

With no newspapers, only Spanish TV and very limited Internet connection I have been well and truly out of it for three weeks. And yet, once again, nothing has happened. Berbatov is still with us. No sorry that was last year. But as far as I can see nobody has left and nobody has come in. Yet according to one paper the whole squad bar three untouchables is available for sale. This lucky trio are Woodgate Lennon and Defoe.

Actually we all know that at Spurs as at every other club everyone is available at a price. Would our leaders turn down a decent profit on any of the squad including these three? I very much doubt it. At £20 million it might be touch and go but £25 million would probably buy any of them.

How did Modric who Harry says he is building the team round and Palacios who pre-dates sliced bread get missed off the list. Why am I wasting my valuable time discussing such drivel? Because friends there is nothing else to do; that's all there is; gossip, rumour, and who Man. Utd or Man. City have bought. Michael Owen, who would have thought it? I'm glad his wages priced us out of that one.

When I left the debate was all about how many Real Madrid Dutchmen would be supping from the Edgar Davis memorial chalice, but that all seems to have been forgotten, or have they all signed for us and gone on holiday?

The only thing more mind destroying than the newspaper speculation is the ITK speculation, sorry 'inside information'. You know the, my wife's sister's hairdresser's karate partner gets on the same bus as a girl who used to work on the switchboard at Tesco's when Defoe's ex girlfriend used to do her shopping there. They not only contradict each other but themselves on a daily basis. I know I know 'don't shoot the messenger love'

The transfer window is an affliction really: the rumours are an itch that you know you mustn't scratch; they're like the box in the attic that you mustn't open; the fruit of the tree you mustn't eat; the siren songs that lead to death on the rocks. You want them to go away; you despise them and their perpetrators and then spend hours writing blogs about them.

Headline: 'JimmyG2 found crushed under weight of Tottenham rumours'. Eldest grandson says 'we knew he'd lost it when we went zonal instead of man for man on the Monday at Gandia. On the Tuesday even little Luke(4) beat him three times running with penalties. Gomes? Gormless more like.'

So there you have it; another wafer thin tissue of gossamer spun out of mindless posturings of those who haunt the fringes of the football world. I'm so excited by it all I'm falling asleep. Wake me up when something actually happens,when somebody actually joins the club, or leaves. Unless its Modric of course and then the nightmare truly begins. To be honest I'd rather Harry went than Luka
but that's another blog, another day. Everythings going very dark.


Anonymous said...

In Valencia. Maybe you could recruit David Villa :-)

JimmyG2 said...

Believe me I tried. They wouldn't take three promising under 6's in exchange though.

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