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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Its too quiet number one. Jerry's up to something.

The fans are getting edgy; nothings happening. Its all gone quiet over there, and over here too. We're like an upside down duck: plenty of action on the surface with the rumour mill but absolutely zilch occurring under the water with actual comings and goings.

This is not the Tottenham way. We've usually sacked a manager or two by now. This is not what we got Harry in for. What do we want? 'Turmoil'. When do we want it? 'Now'.

This is because a lot of fans associate activity with progress. Like swapping Bent for Kenwynn Jones. Will he score 20 a season for us? Who cares. We want action. If you stand still you get left behind goes the theory. Do I need to remind you of the fable of 'The Tortoise and the Hare'?

We're not sure why this frenzy of inactivity has settled upon us. Is it because we can't afford anybody decent, or that all our targets have signed for Man. City? Is it because crafty Harry is trying to lull our competitors into a false sense of security and that he is poised to strike with some sensational signings late in the window?

We just don't know and hence the edginess. Could it be that Harry now that he is at a club with a more than decent squad has decided to play the hand he's been dealt if he can't secure the upgrades he wants? Barry for example.

I would like to think so. Zokora wanted to leave and so back up for Palacios is required if O'Hara is deemed not good enough. We've been without a left winger for so long we wouldn't know what to do with one if we had one.

Now unlike some of my fellow bloggers I am not going to wander into the realms of maudlin reminiscence about the days between the wars; conduct a survey of my favourite away kits ; or as in one case present the case for replacing Gordon Brown if the Labour party is to have a chance of winning the next election.

This is not what we Spurs bloggers should be doing. We should be at the interface between rumour and reality. We should be bringing our steely intellect and knowledge to bear on the activities at the club. If there is nothing actually happening we should make it up and the more unlikely the better.

So lets start with Patrick Vieira coming to Spurs on a free transfer and with reasonable wage demands. Yes that Patrick Viera. Quality player but ex-Arsenal two clubs removed. This has been a persistent rumour backed up by ITK gems like 'my mate is an estate agent and has been asked to look for a house for Patrick Viera in London'. Its certainly a Harry type signing and it is unlikely enough to be true.

Can he overcome the stigma of being an Arsenal talisman? I give you two names: David Bentley and George Graham. No sorry, bad examples. What about one who went the other way? Patrick Jennings. Spooky what, same christian name. Everything is falling into place. The deal could be. on. Personally I don't care if he's coming straight out of Dartmoor though I concede that to some that would be preferable. If he can do a job for us the laugh would be on them.

That's a big 'if' though as his form and performance at Inter has apparently not been that good over the last two seasons. But Davids did well for 18mths and his influence was inestimable. You don't lose experience and tactical nous even if you lose a bit of pace. Desire is the crucial element and if he still has it he would be a good call.

If Harry has done his homework here then this could be a defining moment for Spurs. If its all true of course, or any of it. I claim the blogger's right to ignore anything or anyone who might spoil the story and so I ignore completely the case of Mr. Sulzeer Jeremiah Cambell another famous or more correctly, infamous, player that made the forbidden journey and who is still fondly remembered on the terraces at White Hart Lane.

Bad cases make poor law as they say at the Inns of Court. Or is it the other way round? Anyway don't blame the messenger love.


elwehbi said...

Great article JimmyG2! The only team I try to follow other than Tottenham (they're such a handful our beloved Spurs) is Inter. I think the game in Italy didn't necessarily suit him even though it is slower paced. If we do manage to get him, not that I necessarily believe anything I read is true anymore, I believe Harry could squeeze some benefit from him. Keep up the good work!

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks 'elwehbi'
I would be interested in some more of your thoughts on why Vieira failed in Italy, not that I think he will come to us to be honest.

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