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Friday, 7 August 2009

Anything can happen

Well its not really what we intended, another centre half, to join the three decent players we already have and several defenders who can, and have played there in the past few weeks. But in the circumstances Harry and Daniel probably concluded that if a good start is the basis for a decent season then something had to be done.

Bassong is generally regarded as a decent player by Toon supporters; young, strong, good pedigree, but struggling behind a poor midfield to salvage something from the wreck formerly known as Newcastle FC. At the rumoured price in these over inflated times he is almost a bargain. If we treble his wages he will be the worst paid player in the squad and the happiest man on Tottenham High Rd.

He's probably no better than Dawson who is injured possibly, for a month, and will benefit as Dawson himself did from playing with Woodgate who may be out for several weeks and King who will be available for the Liverpool game but who cannot be relied to recover in time for every game.

By next season we will probably find that Dawson and Bassong are our regular centre halves, backed up by King who can't play every game now that we are back in Europe and Woodgate will have retired.

Or Bassong will be supporting Woodgate freshly returned from successful surgery alongside Ledley carrying on despite all the odds and Dawson will have been sold.

Or Ledley will have finally been forced to retire and Bassong and Woodgate, freshly returned from succesful surgery ,ably supported by Dawson will be the main men.

Or Bassong will be sold back to Newcastle, newly resergent and back in the Premiership under Alan Shearer, as we slip quietly into the Championship having started badly, 2pts in whatever games, Harry having been sacked and replaced by....... Oh for goodness sake; fill inyour own candidate . Do I have to do all the work?

As you can tell I am in prediction mode, staring fixedly into the swirling mists of the future to try to discern where we are going. The above scenarios indicate how difficult it is to predict what might happen but I would like to point out that not one pundit, expert, fan, ITK, clairvoyant or Blogger forecast the 2pts in 8 games disater last year. No-one even got near it. No-one even hinted at it. Nobody had us toying with both relegation and Europe in the same season. Some didn't mention either Europe or relegation and mumbled on about 'mid-table mediocrity'.

Well fair enough they were more or less right but for the wrong reasons. I am often wrong but for the right reasons;; an important difference as I'm sure you will agree. I am hesitant to reveal my predictions for last year but the phrases: 'good pre-season'; 'talented young squad'; 'top class manager'; 'challenging for the Top Four'; 'this could be the season', swim embarrassingly to mind.

Well I didn't get where I am today by not learning from my mistakes. And where am I today? Nowhere, that's where. So I am going to be more cautious, much more cautious, this year. So, in positive mode: we won't get relegated. In negative mode: we won't get into Europe. So mid table mediocrity it is then. Any more for the roller coaster? Or in view of the returning players is it a roundabout?

All the things I said pre-season last year were true but it didn't make any difference once we got on the pitch. Last year I leapt onto the barricades and shouted my defiance to the world and was shot down in the first eight games. This year with the addition of Palacios we are probably stronger but the centre half difficulties might be our banana skin this. This is my year of the hedgehog, rolled up into a ball so they can't get at your tenderer parts.

I've waited several decades for the renaissance at Tottenham so a few more years won't matter. Good football before success; success through good football is JimmyG2's slogan. Although at my age you don't want to be leaving it too long lads.


Anonymous said...


JimmyG2 said...

ANON 0943
A little unclear . All tosh? Mainly tosh?
We will get relegated? We will get into Europe? I like a good discussion but not much basis for one here.
But you're welcome anyway. said...

I think he saw that you'd written more than two paragraphs and got scared.

He probably struggled with your response, too.

Complete tool.

JimmyG2 said...

We cant go on meeting like this Foxy but your support is very welcome.
I'm very positive about mid-table mediocrity this year. If we do better I'll be with Harry 'Over the moon'

alwyn said...

at least we don't have a striker shortage this time around, eh? (and no grumpy i-don't-want-to-play b.s.!!)

we *seem* to have all our defenders injured, but Bassong is something fresh (and if they come low-cost, why not?)

mid-field, Modric, Chimbonda(? is he still around?), Jenas, Huddlestone, Palacios

so i hope(!) all i have to worry about is whether or not Spurs matches will be on at all (you don't know how fortunate u all have it in London haha) KL it's the big 4 all the way, darn!

alwyn said...

i meant Spurs matches being shown on TV...over here we just have two channels, ESPN and StarSuperSport (sulk)

JimmyG2 said...

We don't have a striker shortage that,s true but whether we have a quality striker shortage is debateable.
Pavlyuchenko and Keane have something to prove.
Crouch and Defoe could be good together but hardly world shattering.
If Keane is captain will Harry be able to put him on the bench because he is not first choice to me, unless we are ging to play three strikers.
Sorry that you can't watch Spurs on TV.Plenty of Internet streams here, many of them from the Far East. Where are you exactl?

JimmyG2 said...

Just remembered Alwyn,Malaysia.Should have spotted the KL.

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