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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

But I'm not getting carried away

Well that's another of the top four to go into the 'Can we play you every week?' category along with Chelsea. That's more points already than we had when Harry arrived after.. Oh fill it in for yourselves. But I'm not getting carried away

I was surprised to see Keane paired with Defoe but at least it forces us to get the ball down and play. Harry will be pleased with the fact that Keane could, and perhaps should, have had a first half hat-trick as proof that the tactical plan worked. There is no evidence that they link together as a pair but they worked hard individually.

Modric seemed to struggle to get into the game at first, but still managed to set up Robbie twice and curl in the free kick for Bassong's winner. Liverpool were made to look ordinary. Torres, in particular, looked ponderous and Gerrard had to wait for an hour before he could orchestrate anything. We were so sorry for them that Gomes decided to give them a goal with a rash challenge on Johnson who popped up alarmingly in our penalty box . And we still won. But I'm not getting carried away.

Huddlestone was offered another opportunity to stake a midfield claim and this time he took it with some classy passes, vigorous challenges and good covering. His only error was in allowing Johnson to cut inside him in the lead up to the penalty. He and Palacios complimented each other well. The back four not only wrapped up the Liverpool attack but scored the goals as well. Bassong impressed and already looks sturdy enough to go out on his own at night. Ekotto scored what will certainly be a contender for our goal of the season and we were only 44 minutes in. But I'm not getting carried away.

Against Hull the back line will probably read: Hutton, who was on the bench today, Corluka, Bassong and Ekotto so that Ledley can get a week's rest before the W. Ham game. The front two are anybody's guess. Defoe and Pavlyuchenko probably as he was the only striker not to get a game. As its away against Hull O'Hara might start but personally I would stick with Huddlestone if he is up for it, but then I always would.

The two away games to come may well tell us more than this good all round team performance. We already know we're a good team but its spirit and mental attitude we have been lacking. Hull will tell us a little more about what sort of season this might turn out to be. At the moment I'm not getting carried away.

Its a lovely feeling, hot porridge on a frosty morning sort of glow, in beating a side tipped to challenge for the honours and in the first game. Its been a while since I had it and I'm going to nurture it. Palacios was adjudged man of the match but there were several contenders. Defoe ran tirelessly up front and kept their back line occupied but at times we were slow to support him. Corluka had an excellent game. Lennon was electric when he got the ball but we didn't manage to feed him often enough; hungry but unfulfilled. But he is still a threat, hugging the touchline and can never be ignored. But I'm not getting carried away.

We played some good football, calm and composed at the back, strong in midfield, and lively up front. We passed well until Crouch came on and then lumped the ball forward too often but its a useful tactic to relieve pressure when we are being pressed, if not overdone. So I'm not getting carried away.

We are already ahead of my modest pre-season predictions but if we lose to Hull we will be behind Six points from two games has an attractive flavour to it. I'm just rolling it round it my mind, but I am certainly not going to get carried away. If we beat Hull though then all bets are off and I might just know.


Anonymous said...

cant see us not scoring......hull will not be able to stop the movement....its taking the chances..
keane seems just off his edge still? sure will sort once the season gets going

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

The only thing that worries me about Hull is that they want revenge after their loss at Chelsea. Still can't believe Drogba scored that lucky shot!

Anonymous said...

Hull are'nt going to roll over and present us with the 3 points. They can play a bit too, and I feel that we are going to have to show some grit and determination to come away with a win. Nice to see Tom H showing just the sort of tackling that is going to be needed. Drop Keano to the bench for this one, Modric central support with O'Hara on the left. 0 - 2 for me.

mr.lite..coys said...

there should only be 2 changes,king rested for corluka with hutton coming in.and pav for keane,i think keanes good but not captain material,all it means is he starts more games even if it's not deserved.Also harry give bentley a run out as long as his attitudes correct he's still qualiity.

alwyn said...

Wasn't Hull the only team that hit 3 past Man U last season? beware beware

i'm actually optimistic but i recall (and don't ever want to re-feel) the dread of leading Fulham 1-3 two years back only to let in a last-minute goal.

i agree we should drop keane but i'm not sure about bentley (why is he still w us, btw?)

alwyn said...

oh, i forgot Liverpool scored 4 at Old Trafford.

JimmyG2 said...

Remember last year away at Hull we completely outplayed them and went down to a Giovanni screamer.
But that was then.

Relax we don't do last minute goals against now days.

Wanting revenge and getting it are two different things, 0-2 for me too and a punt on Palacios to score.

Agree with changes even Bentley for a cameo in the second half but Lennon for an hour for me.

Am I getting just a little bit excited?

alwyn said...

fingers crossed, jim. when's the last time it happened? at home to Man U, when dawson got the OG? (if that was the last time yes a full year+ is nice)

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