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Friday, 21 August 2009

Can we win the league this season?

Five goals away from home; top of the league; what's not to get excited about? Huddlestone stepping up; Defoe on fire; Keane and Defoe proving everybody wrong; several pinpoint crosses from Lennon; excitement is welling up. Maiden goals from Palacios and Ekotto, several key players missing; players brought in for specific roles; who wouldn't admit to being excited?

But who wouldn't also admit to that flutter of concern when Hull's goal sailed in from a free kick.That 'here we go again' moment even after we had virtually sealed the game within the first 15 minutes. It never really leaves me no matter how well we are playing. Its a feeling honed over many years as a Spurs supporter. You can't accuse us of being complacent. We always expect the worse and it often happens. Remember LasagnaGate.

So the 'so far, so good' and the 'next game will tell' tendency prevails and I am a member of it. Not by choice but through experience. Am I revelling in our current position? Of course. Have we achieved it by playing good football? We certainly have. Will it continue? I have no idea.

We have an excellent squad of quality players. Harry despite his reputation has ,so far, (there I go again ) been restrained and focussed on what we need. He has persisted with Defoe and Keane despite the universal opinion that they can't play together and it has paid dividends. Personally I like us to play with the ball on the ground, or reasonably close to it most of the time, and this pairing forces us to do so.

Once again I apologise to Harry who I did not welcome with my customary enthusiasm. His experience and pragmatism has enabled him to do more than a good job for us. A win on Sunday against W.Ham where he made his managerial name takes us way back into the glory days, although that year we won our first eleven games. Don't even think about it.

So having predicted a modest mid-table finish in order to keep my blood pressure down, on my doctor's orders( he advised many years ago that Tottenham were not a suitable team to support for people in my condition ) here we are after only two games thrust into the Top Four Maelstrom, Europe, Foreign Trips, Knighthoods for Daniel and Harry, World Cups for Defoe, Crouch, Lennon, Cobley and all and much, much more.

Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Well obviously. Man.Utd won the League last year from from 9th place after 6 games and in 04/05 from tenth. So its 'early doors' . Is it worth a tenner on Spurs at 80/1 for the top spot? Well Mrs JimmyG2 not only advises against it, she actually forbids it. Something about 'If you've got money to burn, I'll burn it for you on something useful'. Safe in the knowledge that she doesn't read Tottenham Blogs in general and this one in particular I can tell you that she's too late.

Do I actually believe we could do it on the evidence of two games? Win the League? I have already said that with this squad including some youngsters ready to step up and minimum disruption we could make progress. Without Europe this year we have some breathing space in the league and so the stage is set. A good start was essential for us if not for Man.Utd. and we have made the beginnings of a good start.

So do I actually believe that we can the league this year? Well with a little bit of luck with decisions and injuries, not looking so good on the injury front I have to say, you know what? I have absolutely no idea. However its not me that has to believe, its Harry and the players. And if Defoe is anything to go by, I think they just might.Probably.Well Maybe. Where's my lucky underpants?


Anonymous said...

I feel you, man.

Anonymous said...

Behave. We're 2 games into the season & stuff like this just makes us look silly. Let's run these headlines after 30 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I agree, lets keep our feet firmly on the ground, if we go around crowing after only 2 games and it ll goes tits up we are going to look really stupid yet again.

Spurs 14 from Hong Kong said...

Let's not get carried away. If we're there or thereabouts in March, then maybe. However, Harry and the players should quietly set League Champions as the target of every season. If we set Top 6 and underachieve then we're again back where or whereabouts we usually are.

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid now

Anonymous said...

Long Long way to go yet after twenty games and we are still top maybe i might start to think we could make the top four, to actually win it, i just dont think it is possible.
Remember we beat both Liverpool (h) and Hull (a) last season as well so we are no better off than last year yet, we also bet West Ham (a) so if we dont win sunday we would be worse off than last term. Sorry about the sobering thought COYS Catcher

Anonymous said...

No, it would be a huge ask to make top 4, forget winning the league. Let's not forget how young our team is, we may be in good form atm but inconsistency will plague us throughout the season.

sheikh352 said...

Bless you for your optimism (and for risking public ridicule for openly expressing that which all of us are secretly thinking, ourselves.)

Anonymous said...

Such a shame.
I was reading this thinking it was a really good article and then you ruined it at the end by talking about winning the league.
Be realistic man!!

Anonymous said...

real stupid article. no wonder other fans hate us so much and get such pleasure when we lose. look at us, 2 wins and we're going so OTT. Yes enjoy it by all means, I am. But why set ourselves up for a fall ??
Spurs fans are great but they really are stupid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anything is possible, keep our feet on the ground but all keep this our time?

Anonymous said...

Stop writing this fucking shit for fuck sake. Do you not realise why we're laughed at universally?

Anonymous said...

If we win against west ham, i can't see us loosing home to Birmigham the week after :-) !!
Would be 4 out of 4 ;-)

JimmyG2 said...

Guys, Guys,Read the article and not just the headline and the comments of other people. I am taking the piss out of myself and Tottenham fans who do exactly what you are accusing me of.
Can we win the league, my conclusion is 'I have absolutely no idea'
'Are we getting ahead of ourselves? answer 'obviously'
Lighten up and enjoy the moment.

Jonnie J said...

great post. love the enthusiasm and i love thinking the same crazy thing every season . any blog post with plenty of comments is testament so good job all round. COYS

alwyn from kuala lumpur said...

something i'm sure of: we won't be relegated this season.

something i can afford to seriously hope for: another top 5 finish

something i can revel in: 2 great wins after 2 matches

something i'm perfectly entitled to fantasize about (which is what I gather Jimmy was doing w this post): winning the EPL.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Sarcasm can be a bit complicated for many to understand. Great article JimmyG2!

JimmyG2 said...

Thankyou, but I must stress that here I am poking fun at myself first of all and at anyone who identifies themselves along with me.
I get too elated when we do well and too depressed when we don't.
But I know it and often take a step back and laugh at myself.
I love the club and its traditions and history and expect it to do not only well but to do it with style and grace.
Its nice to dream and frankly I don't really care what other fans think of us.

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