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Monday, 24 August 2009


Three games, three wins. Its taken us nearly fifty years to repeat that opening sequence. The last time we did that we won the Double. Now I have to be careful here because last time I mentioned these facts in a thoughtful and sensitive piece entitled provocatively 'Can we win the league this year? I stirred up a mini hornets' nest of people accusing me of selling the club down the river and of having the intelligence of a lobotomised wood louse.

Now the more astute amongst you will have noticed the question mark which means its a question. Its not a prediction. So to make it clear: we certainly could but we probably won't. There, relax everyone. However I refuse to be silenced on the matter in case other fans are insulted or put out. Nor do I believe that Bloggers or fan sites can affect the course of the season. I am not in short setting the club up for a fall, though I might be setting myself up for one.

Get a grip people; if you can't stand the heat support W. Ham or somebody. Three games in and we are top of the league. I love it and have waited too long for a start like this not to enjoy it and I'm going to make the most of it. That we are top of the league is a statement of fact not a prediction about how the season might end.

Frankly I don't care how other fans view us, I can live with it whatever they think. We go over the top; I admit it. We have delusions of grandeur; I admit it. We go on about the Glory Days; I admit it. But we did have them and have something to go over the top about. And now we've made a good, no perfect, start and I can look the supporters of other teams in the eye without blinking rather than avoiding eye contact like last year. And I love it.

Can it all go wrong? Think Hull last year. Of course it can. But let's paint that bridge when it turns into a different kettle of fish. Could our injury problems be our Achilles heel? Of course they could and if Palacios, Modric or Lennon were to be added to the list or Ledley not recover even to play one game a week we might struggle.

But enjoy the moment. No don't just enjoy it, revel in it, embrace it, wallow in it like a hippo in mud, because as many of you keep telling me it could be snatched away in an instant; at home to Birmingham next week for example. Now not even you faint hearts believe that. In war we are told that 'loose talk cost lives' but I don't believe that the frantic scribblings of Tottenham Bloggers like myself will cost us points.

We didn't play as well today: Keane dropped too deep and Defoe was left isolated. Huddlestone wasn't the creative force he has been and Modric wasted more passes than normal and one excellent scoring chance from a Lennon cross. We didn't get the ball out wide to Lennon often enough; we were unsettled by Cole's strength. But we went a goal down and battled back to win away from home.

Admittedly Lennon's resulted from the full backs lack of control and Defoe's from large wads of money in brown envelopes. What other explanation can there be for Cole's through ball to Defoe? That's a joke by the way. Its called a lucky break, the run of the ball or whatever and we took advantage of it which we need to do if we are going to make progress this year. Make progress I repeat, not win the league.

So don't go around apologising for making a good start, adopting a posture of false humility. Why should we? There's plenty who will give us grief if and when we do slip up. In the meantime enjoy, have a nice day and yes thank you everything is fine and keep the change.


Anonymous said...

didnt we win these same fixtures last year?

Anonymous said...

I feel you, man.

Anonymous said...

The pass back from Cole was a pass back intended for Nolan who simply didn't move - he just stood flatfooted. I blame him, he should have moved out as Cole expected him to. We were not as good as the previous 2 games - but 80F is very demanding - a nice cool day against Bhm and we should get 4!

billiospur said...

defoe,s goal was excellent get a chance you take it.........this return for the club at the top can be kept as long as we prepare for the media wolves which are curretly whistling our tune as it makes good copy its upsetting everyone in the head....success also makes you a target for the people who want to put the boot in so we should be ready for the tough games where the big egos get rattled....does it really weaken the team to keep practically the same team for the fa cup etc? well a few changes but
really the league cup may be more in tune with the idea of an alternative ...

but there is an air of having a go etc....

which is scaring a few teams to go to white hart lane......all redknapp has to do is keep building in the player strengths from the issues in next game only....cuddicini for example played a good game at west ham as a consequence of gomes injury without loss of direction

Anonymous said...

Yes we did win the same fixtures last year. A lucky win aganst Liverpool and an unconvincing display against Hull included if I recall correctly. The difference this year is the way that we are winning. The difference in skill, commitment and the way the players seem to be enjoying themselves are there for all to see. I am under no illusions about where we will finish the season, that will not stop me from enjoying it while it lasts though!

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I'm a bi-polar mess! One minute, I'm enjoying being on top of the table, then in the next minute am worried about the drop. I'm on top of the world again after your article though! Check back with me in a few hours though, might be getting ready to slit my wrists.


JimmyG2 said...

Still alright fella? Just checking

Anon 09.49
I agree with your analysis, there is a difference in both preformance and spirit so far this season.

In order to keep the whole squad happy you need to give the fringe and younger players a go. Pavlyuchenko, Chimbonda, Bale when fit,Bentley Rose Bostock,Livermore all need to be given a game and if Harry won't risk them in the league as we have started so well then, without Europe,the Cups are the only outlet.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Heart's still ticking JimmyG2! Thanks for checking back :)

alwyn said...

Elwehbi, personally i'd rather have your condition than that of my Liverpool-fan frens, with their Benitez-should-be-shot syndrome.

And didn't Harry bring on a youngster with 5-6 minutes to go at West Ham? I think he replaced Defoe...

JimmyG2 said...

I think that these 5 mins. subs at the end of the game are just a time wasting tactic. You need 15/20 mins. minimum to get into the game and in aconfident winning side (how lovely to be able to write that)at least one youngster or fringe player could be given longer.

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