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Monday, 3 August 2009

Farewell 'Benty'

Farewell Darren Bent. You were never our sort of player and as a consequence were never accorded the kind of respect which all players joining a club are entitled to .

Had you been a total failure, refused to put the cones out at training, been disrespectful to Harry or Sandra, then this could arguably have been justified. None of these appears to have been the case and you put up with being third or even fourth choice striker at times without complaint and when given the opportunity usually scored goals.

In fact last season you were our top scorer with 17 goals in all competitions from 42 starts, 14 of them as substitute. Even when you scored you were liable to start the next game on the bench and faced at times some derision from the fans on and off the pitch. No wonder you kept your earphones handy when sitting on the bench.

You were publicly humiliated by Harry in the famous Sandra incident. 'Hold the front page striker misses easy chance'. Its what strikers often do, score some; miss some. You needed to be judged on how many you scored not how many you missed. Ask Robbie Keane and Defoe.

You were a limited player but in terms of a striker an effective one. Your limitations were known to us when you were signed and as you don't fit into our preferred ways of playing it is a mystery to me why we bought you in the first place..

You were much maligned for the size of the fee that we paid but since its not you that set the fee this seems unfair. We seem to have more or less got our money back taking into account add ons, appearance and performance targets, cash back, loyalty points, Sunderland winning the Champions' league or whatever. So once again the people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing will be happy.

Am I sad to see you go? No, and I wish you well at Sunderland where you will, I suspect, do well. Hopefully that won't be against us. Crouch is not exactly an upgrade but he may bring more to our all round play and this may result in more goals being scored overall. I am cautious here as there is certainly an element of doubt and in the name of stability I wouldn't have bothered making the change.

What I am sad about is the way you were treated and regarded while you were with us. Loyalty and a good attitude unfortunately do not count in football today and because of this you were undervalued.

You blotted your record in the Twitter incident at the end but most of us would be more than irritated if, as we were settling down to an exotic pre-season trip to China, we were rudely ejected from the plane and sent to the North East of England only to find that it was all in vain. Or seemed to be at the time.

So farewell Darren, you didn't really fit into our image of ourselves, you were honest, decent, remarkedly good humoured and effective but in the end a square footballer peg in a round Tottenham hole but, in my view, very little of that was your fault.


Anonymous said...

Spot on JimmyG2! Couldn't agree more!

Good luck Benty, you deserve it!

KayBee said...

That was quality, Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

well miss u bent


Anonymous said...

Good luck Benty

Anonymous said...

great post jimmy he will go far at sunderland and bet he will be oon the plane to south africa

Anonymous said...

very good article indeed - All the best Darren

Anonymous said...

very good assessment mate, didn't give it much thought till i read this article, feel a bit guilty now. good luck Darren Bent

Anonymous said...

Damn it from the headline i thought we had sold David Bentley!

Anonymous said...

A good attitude? I think not.
Smiling or showing no sign of despair when missing a golden chance shows a complete lack of caring.
He scored goals and had a great purple patch when Harry took over, but he never played, or finished with confidence, almost as if he knew he wasn't good enough for the shirt or the £16m price tag, or both.
But when you have no confidence or are playing bad, the least anyone can expect is hard graft in shutting down and making the runs to try and create chances for yourself. But he showed no hunger or desire to help himself and in turn, establish himself.
Either way it was as bad a move for him as it was for us and cost us Defoe for 1 year as for some reason Ramos and Jol towards the end, put him ahead of JD. Good luck Darren, there is a good player in there at the right club and in the right system.

Anonymous said...

Well said.
Bent will definitely succeed under a manager that believes in him. For some reason, that was never the case in Spurs. Not a surprise though, as we're experts of making rounds into squares, although the Tottenham hole is still round..
Best of luck, Bent

Anonymous said...

this guy is the worst player ive ever seen put on a tottenham shirt in my life, how can you lot sit here and say he was loyal and all that, he was a shit player with a massive wage who came with a massively undeserved transfer fee, how could he not be loyal with those wages. However that twitter incident was a disgrace and he should be banned from football for it. Disgusting. I do hope he isnt banned because wen we play sunderland we should win if he is in their team...rubbish article

Anonymous said...

well said Jim..., there are some right Cockerels amongst us!

Billiospur said...

i am fed up with our spurs fans slagging of our players and wanki blog bullshit like this.
no respect in the modern game ....whatsoever
redknapp was wrong to publicly humiliate him and retracted his comment re his wife

and Bent was Not the worse player ever etc....

our highest scorer last year!

thanks Darren Bent and good luck at Sunderland.

Oz Spur said...

If he is the worst player you aint been a Supporter for long or your a muppet. The fella was a pawn in the system, he didnt choose the Lane nor did he choose to be screwed around and treated like he was. GimmyG2 good article Benty may not play our style but he gave his best 100% (if not for his goals contribution we could be playing championship football this year !!!!!)
Good luck to him I say

Anonymous said...

good blog..what i thought meself..bents ok just doesnt fit into spurs style of play...and the way we is playin is we realy need someone to hold the ball up in the last third of play and bent aint gonna do it and defoe aint gonna do it but defoe is better than bent so bents gone and 2 metre peter is here..

elwehbi said...

a very noble post i must say. i won't be a hypocrite though and tell you that i wasn't happy to see him off. he just wasn't the player spurs needed. let's see how sunderland fit him into their game play. wish him all the best, just like i did carrick, mido, ghaly, berba, keane (was heart broken by that one) and so on...

JimmyG2 said...

To anon 1645
Your nomination for Bent to be the 'worst player ever in a Tottenham shirt' has been known to provoke dozens if not hundreds of of alternative nominations.

Oz Spur is right I think.

Anon 1549.
Just cos Benty's gone don't start on poor old David.
A more measured rejection of the piece. I thought in the main that he did put himself about and close down but his main role was to keep making those over the top runs and down the channels and didn't have the chasing back role in the same way that say Pavlyuchenko does who plays deeper.


JimmyG2 said...

Sorry th headings have got mixed up, my fault almost certainly.

Anon 1547.
Just cos Benty's gone don't start on poor old David.
Whats his nickname? Try not to be obscene or derogatory. He can't be as bad this year if he ever gets on the pitch surely. But that's another Blog,another day.

Anonymous said...

interesting. Bent is another example of Tottenham's scatter gun approach to signing players and then allowing their investment to diminish through extravagant neglect. A policy with which the club have debauched themselves ever nico claesen back in the late 80's.I like Darren Bent. Nice bloke and a good striker who knows where the goal is. He'd have scored alot more had he been given the berth he demanded. Good luck to him.

Who Framed Ruel Fox? said...

First Newsnow, then the world!

Glad to see you there. Jimmy.

A balanced view of the soon to be departed Bent. You have dastardly habit of making me think 'Yeah.. he was alright, actually, wasn't he?' then pine for them to come back.

I'm sure it will pass.

Good luck Benty. 'Til we meet again.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks Harry. Your a proper Gent whoever you are.

who framed ruel fox? said...

I'm no more Harry than you're Jimmy Saville.

Although... Your writing does have a silver-mullety feel to it.

Show yourself!!

JimmyG2 said...

'Silver' I like. 'mullety'not so keen
who framed ruel fox?
Don't you have a blog of your own to go to?

It looks like we had better get up a petition to get Darren back. Anybody want to be the first to sign?
No I thought not.
Good response people. Much appreciated.

The timings seemed to have changed since these comments were first started so that the timing references are all to pot. Will have a sharp word with my senior blogging manager (Mrs JimmyG2)Something like 'scalpel' should do the trick.

tonydee said...

an excellent article,spot on about
all issues surrounding Darren,I wish
him well.

Anonymous said...

Good post Jimmy, the Bent saga highlights the fragmented & uncoordinated buying strategy at our club. I've watched him alot and is a little one dimensional for me but in the right club with the right service he's going to score goals. Good luck to him btw another example of our curious purchasing strategy Pascal C.. bought a second time...hardly played and now we're looking to get rid?

Big Kev

Anonymous said...

I never leave comments on this stuff, but you pretty much summed the whole situation up exactly. Shame it didnt work out, All the best Darren

alwyn said...

one question, Jim (and maybe you've already written about this before, but): what do you mean, precisely, by, "our sort of player" and "our preferred ways of playing"?

when i think of our top/key players this past decade( Defoe, Berba, Keane, Jenas, Lennon, etc.) what about them would make them "spurs by nature"?

my guess is that whilst Bent scored goals, he was, to be very blunt, *boring*? Is that the answer?

Because intuitively i too *felt* that somehow he didn't fit (in the way that Berba and Gazza - two opposite personalities and players! - did), and the only reason I can come up with is that I'd never want to own a D.Bent jersey the way I'd beg my pals to get me a Defoe shirt if they're in London.

JimmyG2 said...

'It's no good just winning weve got to win well'
'There's no use being satisfied when things are done wrongly,I want perfection' Bill Nicholson.

'The greatest fallacy is that the game first and last about just about winning. Its nothing of the kind its about glory.Its about doing things in style with a flourish'
Danny Blanchflower.

So its not just what you do its the way that you do it. And as you say you have a feeling about players and know instinctively a 'Spurs' player. Berbatov was one and Bent wasn't. As I have said it wasn't Bent's fault it was our fault for buying him.

He was a effective in his role but didn't do it with style,elegance, effortlessly and give the impression that he had time to spare on the ball like Hoddle, or King.

I have an image of the way I like to see Spurs play, with the ball on the floor, clever quick passing, playing the opposition off the park not kicking them off it. The long ball is an effective tactic used sparingly but with a Bent type one up striker it becomes your only tactic because he can't do anything else.
I think you get the idea

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