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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Opportunity knocks

Cancel the open top bus; Modric is injured. A victim of deliberate espionage by the Birmingham assault squad led by the fiendish Bowyerarti. Our most creative player out until Xmas just as we were about to win the league. Oh woe is us. What shall we do? Stiffen up people and don't feel so sorry for ourselves for a start

Because in case you didn't notice we actually we went on to win the game with the help of a substitute and the other ten players on the field at the time. It is after all a team game and we do have quite a good team. If we are to challenge for anything at all then it will be as a result of the squad and its deployment by Harry. His injury will certainly have an effect on our final position by perhaps a place or two but it won't result in a Hull like descent into the relegation zone or the end of the world as we know it. In fact it would be typical of Tottenham's luck for the great trumpet call to sound just as we were heading for the Champion's League.

Harry moved swiftly to resolve the injury crises at centre half and, as the transfer window is still open, will buy if he thinks it necessary. There is no like for like replacement readily available but we have plenty of options at our disposal already. The easiest would be to deploy Keane on the left of midfield and play Defoe/Crouch or Defoe/Pavlyuchenko up front. Bale, Lennon, and Rose can fill the left side when required and Jenas, Giovani, who I understand prefers the right,and Bentley can slot into the right hand side. Simple for me to say and even simpler for Harry. Keane fancies himself as a midfield general in any case and since he has lost his goal touch now is his chance.

Potentially the more serious setback on Saturday was the loss of King and unless Woodgate is available soon this might have a greater impact on our progress. I think we are getting more than a little paranoid about the thuggery of Birmingham in general and Bowyer in particular. I have watched the replay several times and can discern no pre-meditation in the tangle of legs that caused Modric's injury. It was an accident; they happen and good teams cope. We will cope.

I postponed my supplementry Xmas list until after the Birmingham game in case we slipped up and with a little luck, or more like, with new found persistance we did not. So it now reads:

1 A good start
2 A settled squad and Manager
3 Young and fringe players to be given a go.
4 Quick recovery for Modric, King and or Woodgate, Jenas, Bale and Dawson and Gomes.
5 Waterproof, shockproof, 'secret agent's watch with stop watch facilty, which
you disappointingly missed off last year's list.

Thank you Santa, the first three items were delivered by 'Express' Courier this month and I opened them in error. Similar service would be appreciated on items four and five.

We have now not only beaten a 'Top Four' side but scored five away from home twice, scored a last minute winner, come from behind to win, had our best start in almost fifty years and its not even September yet. I love Luka Modric but get some perspective friends. His absence will make a difference but it is not, repeat not, the end of the world.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man and now is the moment for somebody to step up. Huddlestone has done so already and now the stage is set for the next understudy to become a star. It could be Jenas or Bentley or Dos Sqantos who makes the great leap forward. I don't really care but one man's disaster is another man's opportunity and friends, 'Opportunity knocks'.


SESpur said...

Don't panic, Don't Panic! Totally agree with this article JimmyG2 but Bale is Jinxed and cannot play.

Not like for like player but I having a proper left mid/winger will have it's own advantages.

Anonymous said...

Great post ... another optimistic Spurs fan ... finally.
We've got so many good players on the bench. This is opportunity to show just how deep our squad is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think we should give Dos Santos a shot. Harry needs to motivate him and tell him to replicate his Mexico form for Spurs and do some magic. We need that against Man United on 12 Sep. A win will certainly cement our credentials as a top side. I would like to see Pav play in place of Keane, he always doesn't do well against United, so why not give Pav a go as well? In any case, we have to be positive and hope we can prevent United scoring.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's a squad game but each player has there job. And if you haven't noticed Modric's job was to create and I don't believe there is a better creative player in the league never mind our squad. Yes we won the game but if you didn't notice our midfield didn't create anything of value without Modric yesterday. And our defence also fell apart when our Other best player Ledley King came off injured aswell. We looked dangerous when Modric was playing and we looked nervous when he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

I take what you are saying but a injury to wilson would prove a killer blow to any chance of a top 4 finish so i would like Daniel to buy a few players.A goalkeeper(gomes)out for a month or so (james would do )a centre half sorry no idea and cover for wilson Van Der Vart would be great but there are a few names here who we could buy.Get these and we will survive without luka for a few weeks don't and we might struggle .Luka is only the first injury others could follow then what ,add to the team now not in January when our chance of a top 4 place could be gone.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the main article. Everyone keeps saying how strong our bench is and now is the time to show it. Personally I would give Dos Santos the left side. He's quite direct and Chelsea and United are both weaker on their right side than their left. When are Woodgate and Dawson expected to be fit again ?

Anonymous said...

stand up tottenham........

whoever steps in has to fill modrics gap.......

if we are going to maintain our effort then the job is clear

play to win,play with tenacity.....never give up as was the case with birmingham.....who should have lost at least by 3 goals

but frustrate is the way some teams will want to play as they are not good enough

i think de santos has the talent.......

Man u then chelsea.........two teams who will be the real deal

hopefully king will be in these games..........

the squad is good enough the bench is strong

crouch was effective

JOHN ADAM said...

Let us make greater use of Crouch, excellent in the air, and Pavlyuchenko who made a brilliant pass to Lennon who gave us the winning goal in the dying seconds of the match against Birmingham.

JimmyG2 said...

We need to break this jinx, he is a good player.Take your point about a genuine left winger but we have a lot of options down the left.

I am optimistic by nature(or a bloody dreamer as Mrs JimmyG2 says). I was really appalled by the wailing gand nashing of teeth I read on other Spurs blogs.

Anon 23.36
I am a big Pavlyuchenko fan and think he has had a bit or a raw deal.Gio could make the difference.

Anon 23.38
I agree, Modric is a truly great player and without Woodgate King is crucial to nurse both Bassong, Dawson through the opening games.

Anon 23.42
You make a good point about Wilson. We should have enough apart from this to keep up our challenge.

Anon 23.58

Jenas, Bale and Woodgate could be back for Man.U. Dawson no date.Gomes maybe for Chelsea, King too soon to say( From Spurs Community 'physio room' thread.

Anon 1.46
Good points succintly made.If we have to play long for a couple of games tomaintain our challenge then so be it but its not the way I like to play.

John Adam
Agreed. Defoe might have come to the end of his little goal blitz. He should have played Keane in, he pulled his shot and didn't even look up.

Smidelet said...

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elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Great article once again JimmyG2! You never fail me!

I like everyone else was worried after Modric limped off the pitch. But if we are going to challenge for a top 4 spot in the future, we have to be able to depend on all of our players equally... staring XI and reserves.


JimmyG2 said...

No problem, we aim to please.
Luka's injury has sparked off some hyper-activity on the transfer market(rumour section), though this was perhaps inevitable. Krantcar I like very much, Petrov not quite so keen, but they are atleast Premiership proven.
We might regret letting Bentley go if Lennon gets injured.
Oh well 'In Harry we trust' as they say

Alwyn said...

watched some Kranjcar videos on YouTube; is it just me or does he have a Berbatov-ian kind of flair? Definitely a Spurs by nature dude if he excels.

JimmyG2 said...

Hi Alwyn.
Not sure he is Berbatovian but he is a classy player and if Harry can get the best out of him he cetainly fits into our style of play.

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