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Friday, 28 August 2009

So far, so good

'So far so good ': the Spurs fan desperate to believe, frightened to hope and only ever cautiously optimistic. Were there people at the start of the 60/61 season half a century ago echoing this mantra? . I don't remember us being so uncertain in those days but there's a lot I don't remember I'm afraid.

So what at this moment do we know? That Harry is cleverer than most of his critics, including me. Most of you knew that already. He has bought sparingly and in response to the situation confronting him. Palacios filled a need and I'm sure he hadn't planned to buy another centre half but when he had to he did so decisively and both additions were Premiership ready.

Bent and Chimbonda would be top of most people's 'least wanted' list . Youngsters have been loaned and against Doncaster he was forced by the fixture rush at the start of the season to play some of the fringe players whether he planned to or not. No genuine prospects have been sold, or 'You Tube' child prodigies or Continental stars 'swooped' for despite constant Press speculation.

There have been no negatives so far and Birmingham at home gives us the opportunity to start to haul in the 11 consecutive wins that marked the start of the 60/61 Double season. Anyone still holding their breath? This is an elephant trap cunningly disguised as a stroll in the Park. These are the games we must win if we are to maintain our progress and where in the past we have slipped up.

The Doncaster game saw the re-emergence of Bentley and Dos Santos who both played well. Both the backup strikers scored and the midfield chipped in with a couple again, which is a welcome change from previous seasons. We rode our luck early on but a second 5-1 win away from home in three games was certainly beyond expectations. Key players were rested and with some of the extended squad breathing down their necks will want to reassert their claims. It wasn't exactly a Wengeresque 'kids' selection but it certainly explored the reach of the squad and we came up smiling.

I can't be too dogmatic about the Cup game because I couldn't find a stream for the match and had to listen to it on Spurs TV, commentary only, and even that packed up when we were 4-1 ahead. The formula on this seems to be 1/3rd. commentary; 1/3rd reminiscence; 1/3rd. 'humourous' badinage about whether the Doncaster mascot was a dog or a bear. Oh and 1/3 rd. cutting away to other matches. Only after reading the reports and seeing the highlights did I find out that apart from the early scares we played well and that most enhanced their reputations especially Cudocini.

I have had almost all my Xmas wish list already: firstly a good start; secondly a settled squad and manager; thirdly the youngsters and fringe players to be given a go especially Dos Santos. Other youngsters are hovering on the edges or out on loan. We had the benefit of the referee's doubts against W.Ham and the run of the ball too. The only player who has had a raw deal is Pavlyuchenko who could have been given more playing time at the expense of Crouch whose height seems to mesmorise Harry but who is an inferior footballer in my opinion.

So far so good Santa, my supplementary list is in preparation as we speak. I will post it after the Birmingham game as a few minor adjustments might be necessary. I am confident on this one though and a home win is not only vital but reasonably certain.But when were Spurs results ever 'reasonable'? Keep hedging your bets Jimmy. But I'm still enjoying it, aren't you?


bob spur square pants said...

also credit given to levy and storey who seem to have a good understanding with redknapp which is paying off.....a strong group of people with the coaching staff etc has made thfc feel much more in the right seat......the affiliation with sport clubinternacional....inter of brazil .......says a lot for how we want to maintain the direction......


YidoTilliDie said...

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Have a look if you want. Would be quality if we could cross promote.

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