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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Come in. The water's lovely

A whole week to relax in the warm bath of good feelings that are washing over me as a result of our good start to the season. A whole week to enjoy the soothing lotions, the fragrant scents, the gentle talcum powders of contentment that I found in Mrs JimmyG2's side of the bathroom cabinet.

A whole week to ponder how far we could go: to calculate whether we would prefer to meet Barcelona or Man.Utd. in next year's Champions' League final; to google the employment regulations to see if football managers are affected by the compulsory retirement legislation. And nothing to interrupt the dream.

By the time we play again Dawson, King and Gomes might be fully recovered with the advantage of having nothing between us and Bolton at the Reebok to disrupt our training. Just Harry and the lads buoyed up by their latest five goal haul practicing their celebration routines.

This is a luxury we have not had in the last few seasons and might convince those who are missing their European nights that not quite making the Europa is working to our advantage and may pay bigger dividends in the long run. Everyone is taking us seriously including ourselves. We know that they are all waiting for us to blow it but we can ignore them for another few days at least.

The games against Chelsea and Man. Utd were a clear indication of our place in the scheme of things and perhaps we were fortunate to catch Liverpool cold but if the Top Four can take points off each other our season will be decided at places like the Reebok not at The Emirates. A two points per game average will take us perilously close to Champions' League and we've got a whole week to snuggle down under the duvet of happiness.( I'm out of the bath now ). Even a draw next weekend will maintain that average.

How long will it last? Are we heading for a fall? Who killed Cock Robin? Nobody knows but there are no signs of it yet. Of course it was 'only Burnley' and if their equalizer had been allowed it might have all been different. But it wasn't and it didn't and all football matches are like that.

Suppose Defoe had taken the early chance against Chelsea or the penalty had been given against Carvalho what might have happened? We don't know, but we are where we are and they say the table doesn't lie and it says we are in fourth place, equal on points with Liverpool and Man. City.

We've had serious injury problems and three of the top four in our opening six matches. We have shot the rapids successfully and are paddling serenely in the relative calm of the backwaters of the Premiership towards our next white water experience at Arsenal. ( I'm out from under the duvet now).

I still have a very good feeling about the team dating from last March when I first spotted the green shoots of recovery and we started our rise under Harry. There was an element of whistling in the dark at that time when relegation was higher on the agenda than Europe but now I'm singing in the sunshine and the hills are alive with the sound of hat-tricks and five goal victories.

Of course I know its only September, that your only as good as your next game, that Pride Cometh before a Fall, but I'm still enjoying it and quite right too. Come in the water's lovely.


Anonymous said...

Cum in the Water? I'm a Spurs fan from abroad, and does not quite get the headline..
Come on you Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my english is rubbish, "do not get it" is probably correct..

Anonymous said...

It should read: Come in, the water is lovely

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry. I've corrected the punctuation to make it clear.
It means come and join me in my joy. A phrase we use to encourage others who are a bit wary of junping into the sea or a swimming pool.
Forgot about my world wide following!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Your reply, great Blog this, one of my favourites. Great insights and well written thoughts about the greatest Club on earth. Live in Norway, visit WHL two or three times pr season, and love the atmosphere you guys creates. Although every trip cost me £500-£600, it is totally worth it, mostly because of You supporters. You make us feel welcome, even though we are "tourists". Keep up the good work!

Sean said...

What is it Homer Simps. says, yeha, that's it: "WOOOOHOOOOO".
Really, it shouldn't come as too much of a susprise that we have such a good squad, it was very expensively assmbled over a few seasons after all. WHat I a,m enjoying, and what 'Arry is well known for, is that he has developed real spirit in the squad - that was what has been missing, not quality of players. What I am finding interesting, however, is just how highly he is rated by top players abroad - we know he is good with British/Irish players, but I never realised this.
When he first arrived I believed he could stabalise the club, but I wasn't sure if he could take us to the next level - now at least we know he will give it a bloody good go.

JimmyG2 said...

Anonymous Norwegian.
God Bless you sir for your support.

Welcome. I agree that we do at last seem to be building something,which includes team spirit.
Our youth teams are doing well and we may get some loyalty and payback there.
Fewer players are coming in and then mainly focussed on our needs and quite a few players have been here for a while.
Ohara(23) and King(28)were trainees.
Keane(28)and Defoe(25)have been at Spurs for over five yrs (ignoring their short spells elsewhere)
Dawson (25)Jenas (26)Lennon(22)and Huddlestone(22)have been with us over 4yrs
So we have a youngish and more settled squad under a manager who with luck will see his career out at Tottenham.
Its easier to build spirit in a club when you're winning of course.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Great read JimmyG2!

I totally agree that our final standing in the season't table will be decided by matches played at venues like Reebok Stadium (Bolton) and not Emirates (Arse). Last season, we would give the top teams a hard time whether away or at home, but we dropped important points when playing lesser opposition. This cannot happen this season.


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