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Sunday, 27 September 2009

In Harry we trust

It was a close run thing but I just got off the fence in time over Harry. Otherwise I would have had to berate him for dropping three goal Crouch and sticking with Keane. But now I don't have to do that, I can bask in the glow of the Harry magic and join in the adulation for a manager who drops a three goal hero and comes up with a four goal super-star. That's three of our strikers with hat-tricks this season and we've only played nine games.

We are back in the top four, sorry Top Four, everything that Harry touches turns to gold, 'He's the man with the Midas touch'. Thank you Shirley not now, we'll let you know. We are still without three of our regular centre halves although Dawson came on for the last five minutes; our best goalkeeper is on the bench with a strain; our best player is sidelined for another month; we put five past a team that came close to embarrassing us last year, and kept our first clean sheet of the season.

But I can rejoice with a clear conscience becomes I've joined the 'In Harry we Trust' Trust. (see last blog for details). What could I have been thinking of ? Harry not capable of taking us to the next level? If we were a spaceship we'd be in outer space passing the first rock from the Sun, and most supporters have just crash landed on Venus without the need for any rocket assistance whatsoever. Put the Fatted Calf on the barbecue JimmyG2 has returned to the fold.

We should have been clear by half-time but careless finishing by Defoe and Keane and stubborn goalkeeping by Jenson kept Burnley hopeful. We had that typical warm afternoon Spurs lazy look about us at first but, once Defoe had been brought down and Keane had scored the penalty and a Jenas half- volley benefited from a deflection for the second, the game was sealed. At 1-0 They had a good goal ruled offside and apart from a Cudocini fumble that almost let Blake in we were home and dry.

Burnley played some good passing football for the first part of the second half but lacked any thrust up front. Harry's dismissal of the threat of 'two goal' Nugent proved accurate and he was subbed on the hour for Eagles who did add some spark. We looked dangerous almost every time we broke and the movement of Lennon, Defoe and Keane pulled the Burnley defence apart.

But Keane who scored his first four goal haul in his career was the centre of attention well supported by Kranjcar and Jenas from midfield and Huddlestone who made some good breaks from the back. Palacios was a threatening presence and was booked for one of his trademark scything lunges (or is that lunging scythes?) He is a marked man in some referees's books and so are some of our opponents. He did however clear some space for Jenas and Huddlestone to play in. Even Bale came on to share the victory but it doesn't break the hoodoo because he didn't start the match. But he's getting closer.

Harry says that Keane is not guaranteed a place in the starting line-up just because he scored four but as he's a stone wall certainty even when he plays poorly I think this is one of Harry's little jokes.

Next week away to Bolton, brings us to the landmark eighth game and with any luck Bale, Dawson, and Gomes will give Harry further selection teasers and it could be 18 points from eight games.(Edited from 15) Its not as catchy as last year's slogan but it shows the progress we have made. With this kind of start last season we would have been close to 70 points, breathing down Arsenal's neck and on the edge of the Champions' League.

It also brings us to the first anniversary of Harry's appointment. Plans are in hand at 'The Trust' to invite Harry to a cheese and nibbles do and I have offered to make the welcoming speech. The committee have politely turned down this request as you have to have been a member for 'more than five minutes'.

But next year it might be very different. Hatched, they're, count, you're, before, chickens, don't. If you catch my drift.


Anonymous said...

I would prefer 18 points from our first 8 games personally ;-). (We already have 15).

Secondly, last season we finished with 51; The Arse with 72. So we still have to find another 5 points to better the standard they set last year. We will need strong, fit centrebacks to do that!

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 15.42.
Good points I forgot to add the expected Bolton win to our total. I am expecting us to take more points off the lower teams this year.
In any case there was only a slight exaggeration in my analysis of last year Bloggers rights if you like.
You are right about centre backs but Huddlestone played well there yesterday and Bassong is looking a steal at £8 million so far.
Both King and Woodgate look like longer term missing persons to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree, hopefully Woody will come good, but King is slowly deteriorating. Even if it isn't the knee problem, the lack of training will start to wear his hamstrings calves etc. I do not hold out much hope for him playing more than 20 a season. Bassong, who is a steal at £8M, will take his place longer term and hopefully he will partner a fit again Woodgate.

I agree with our 'Arry. We need a 2nd holding midfielder. We have 4 centrebacks, crocked or not. 5 would be ridiculous and an admission that we will be getting rid of King. A quality holding midfielder who can pass, similar to Sgt Wilson or a Carrick type would be just the ticket. I also thought Kranjcar looked excellent yesterday, so between him Bale and Modric, I don't see the LM position as a problem.

JimmyG2 said...

Sgt Wilson is a very erratic passer. I don't think he has been the same since he has come back from the International break.
I like the Palacios,Jenas,Huddleston combination and with Bale Kranjcar, Modric,and Lennon we are nearly sorted in midfield when they are all fit.

Anonymous said...

the fact is we are getting used to rotation with really i think he has high a target in his mind.....example being when were fresh for the christmas period....
dawson thankfully is back....having only pav to sort some goals is excellent....

there are question marks in defence due to the obvious in injuries .....

time is moving on at the club with redknapp

we still need the fitness as paramount in the crooked the work is cut out for bond etc....i think king should re assess his training to avoid hamstrings etc

alwyn said...

scoreline was heavenly, but i need to pause my rapture and ask: what happened to Defoe? (As usual, they didn't show the match over here...i did see that he was the one who 'created' the penalty, though...)

still, it's great that JD, PC and RK have hit trebels. COYS.

JimmyG2 said...

Rebound off the keeper dislocated his finger.
Spurs movement up front completely confused the Burnley defence. Keane and Defoe both missed one on ones.Defoe two in fact.
Huddlestone played well at the back, though they didn't really put on any sustained pressure.Jenas had a good game again.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

"The committee have politely turned down this request as you have to have been a member for 'more than five minutes'."


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