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Friday, 11 September 2009

Still dreaming

I know I´m trying to jump on the bandwagon just as it disappears round the corner, well actually two bandwagons, like a crazed charioteer out of Ben Hur, but first: what is the point of Emile ´the bulldozer´ Heskey? And second didn´t our boys do well? So that's me nicely caught up to date and its only Manchester Utd. tomorrow that floats into view.

How nonchalant is that: 'floats into view'? Well we are top of the league. Actually, second but what's goal difference between fans at this stage of the season. But we do have issues to resolve here after the collapse against them last time out. A point would maintain our progress but we are at home and the team, if King and Bassong are fit, could just get a result. Get your excuses in early Jimmy. I´m thinking of getting a note from my mum just in case.

But to return to Emile: nice lad, always gives of his best but he´s just not very good is he? I don't go a lot on statistics though I have been known to make use of them when it suits me, but I rate his contribution against Croatia close to 'nil point': two good chances missed; five times offside; four times fell over before the ball got to him; a couple of headers on, one of which Rooney got to, and a couple of lay offs. And that's with our two boys straining at the leash, trying not to look too happy as Emile cocked it up, or too annoyed as we kept banging them in. They were sitting there wondering if all this adulation of Fabio wasn´t perhaps a bit overdone.

Well I don't blame them at all. I know, I know, its like criticising Harry after all he's done for us. When he or Fabio make a mistake you're not allowed to point it out in case they walk off in a huff and leave us in the lurch again. Makes a nonsense of blogging, fansites, free speech and probably the Geneva Convention.

Now the story is that it is through his immense contribution in creating space, for Rooney in particular, that has enabled us to qualify and now he can make even more room for Defoe and Crouch by returning to the bench. No, I don't buy this line either. Rooney has scored as many without Heskey as with him and Defoe's and Crouchy's scoring records are vastly superior in far fewer games. I´m with Hoddle on this one and the choice of Heskey over Defoe is an example of our ' mistrust of technically gifted players' as Platini puts it. The preference for strength and effort over flair and skill. Rooney himself expends far too much energy charging about and as a consequence loses his undoubtedly skilful edge.

Meanwhile, back at The Lane, Lennon is quietly polishing his 'Man of the Match' award for his first half display and hopefully Defoe is quietly nurturing his seething discontent and will take it out on Manchester on Saturday by scoring a hat-trick. The game was virtually over by the time he got on and the defence were practising their 'ole' routines.

For regular readers I have to say I nearly missed a good performance when I saw the team sheet but I did not nip out and buy the paint as promised. Mrs JimmyG2 was not concerned and remarked that she wouldn't trust me with a paintbrush, not inside the house anyway. Incompetence: husband ploy number one, I recommend it.

Now is the time to dream though, before the Manchester game. What the line up might be on Saturday is anybody`s guess. The permutations between Krancjar, Keane, Crouch and Defoe make this difficult to call even without the possibilty of Jenas and Dos Santos making their League debuts. Pavlyuchenko keeps knocking them in for Russia just to try to catch Harry's eye but he will probably play safe and keep more or less the same team with just Krancjar to play in place of Modric . He will probably feel that Man. Utd. are not a team to take too many liberties with.

Pondering on this though makes me realise what a quality squad we have and that even with Ferdinand returning for Man. Utd. they might be as apprehensive about this one as we usually are. Or me anyway. If we can grind out a 1-1 draw or pinch a win then my next blog might just be edging towards over-excited.

I have to admit to beginning to feel anxious about this season. Last season was easy: disastrous start and Harry to the rescue; no expectations; almost snatching a Europa place but it didn't really matter; survival was all and we made it; every game could take us higher, and it did; when you're bottom the only way is up. Now every match could be the edge of a precipice; every game could be a disappointment; hopes dashed; there's only one way to go and when you're on top its not up.

Did I get like this because I am a Spurs supporter of too many years? Or was I inevitably drawn to them by some cosmic force because I am like this by nature? Heavy stuff friends. Dont get me wrong I'm still enjoying it but what if we are top with say 8 games to go? We have quite a tricky run in and we could......Give over Jimmy if we're top with 8 games to go you'll be on life support anyway and Mrs JimmyG2 will be scanning the insurance policies to see if death by ecstatic seizure is covered.

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