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Thursday, 3 September 2009

What transfer window?

I was so chilled out, laid back and put into a euphoric calm by the inactivity during the transfer window that I mowed the dog and took the lawn for a walk . Even Mrs JimmyG2 noticed and asked if they had cancelled that 'Swappy thingy with the players that you get so excited about'. Not buying, swapping or selling was the new buying, swapping and selling. As minimalist a window as you could hope to see through; more of a hole in the wall than a window.

I've campaigned for months for a settled squad and manager and blow me down if it isn't Harry ' Oy mush, wanna sell me a player' Rednapp who delivers the goods and even looks as if he will survive into a second year himself. Now that I realise that he is reading this blog I will have to be nicer about him. If you have anything you want passed on then just drop me a line. Heck I could even become an ITK. An 'Intergalactic Total Knobhead for those who are wondering.

No key or even widely disparaged players were sold, except Chimbonda, who never really came back, not even Jenas or Bentley; lots of youngsters were successfully loaned out and are doing well; two essential signings were made to fill key gaps at centre half and left midfield; Crouch was brought in as a sort of upgrade for Bent; a couple of young Kyles were bought for the future and nothing much else happened. No last minute panic buys were made; not even James or Anton Ferdinand. Anton Ferdinand I ask you.

The signing of Kranjcar for Modric is as near a like for like replacement as you can get, a talented classy 'Tottenham type' player who has lost his way at times but I'm sure Harry can get the best out of him. Keep reading H. there's more of this adulation to come. Kranjcar insists that he is not a just a back up while Modric is injured. Well he would say that wouldn't he, but he does have a point and we could be building some quality midfield here. Bassong looks sound, dare I say it, in the Ledley mould but with knees, and has coped pretty well with the constant changes along the back four.

The loan of O'Hara looks a bit premature after Modric went down but seems to have been all part of the Kranjcar, Boateng deal .We still haven't got direct backup for Palacios and there is a danger that Crouch tempts us to play too directly instead of playing the ball to the flanks and using his height from crosses to better effect. Bentley could be useful here, but that might just be a tad over optimistic. However I'm sure Harry knows best. See I told you Mr.Redknapp. I hope to see more of Pavlyuchenko but we may well have to wait for injuries for this to happen.

If we can get two points from the next two games against top four opposition this will maintain our progress and by then hopefully some or all of Woodgate, Bale, King, Jenas, Dawson, or Gomes will have returned. Things as they say, can only get better but we may have to mark time for a week or two while we regroup. The International break is a great bonus here, and if we have to overuse Crouch temporarily to take the pressure off then so be it, but as a long term strategy it is likely to be ineffective as we become predictable and easily countered. I hope you're taking all this in Sir Harry.

So the JimmyG2 household is content, except for the dog. Tottenham are settled and virtually top of the league where they belong and we have survived another window without major trauma. Sky Sports have made themselves look even more ridiculous than usual, apparently, though I never watch it and am out of the country anyway on my holiday computer that doesn't do English chellspecking ( a borrowed joke) so I blog this with apologies in advance.

What can possibly go wrong? Feel free to comment if you like your Harryship.


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

ITK: An 'Intergalactic Total Knobhead


Cheers & COYS!!!!!!

GotThemNotStir said...

I have just read your "meanwhile" piece and loved it so thought i'd come and have a look at some others. Do you have some sort of marketing issue? Why on earth would you only get one comment for such a quality blog???

Keep up the good work Jimmyg2 (hope the dogs recovered!)

JimmyG2 said...

Love the name and thankyou for your support.
I have been blogging Spurs Musings for about 18mths but have only ´marketed ít for three or four by getting on Newsnow,Omnifootball and so on.
It takes time to build a following and mine is not to everybody´s taste,
Some of the more widely read blogs (Harry Hotspur for example) have been going for 3 or 4 yrs and have the backing of a website.

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