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Friday, 23 October 2009

This could be the year. Couldn't it?

As self appointed President of the 'Enjoy it' campaign and the 'This could be the year' Fellowship I look on with a certain detachment at our new friends in the media who are climbing aboard the Tottenham bus. Hanson, Lawrenson, even Lee Dixon and of course ex players like Lineker and Ossie Ardiles who touchingly still refers to Spurs as 'we'.

As President I have given the non Spurs followers only associate membership in the 'Enjoy it; (while you can )' section because you just know that this is what they are thinking. And to be fair quite a lot of Spurs fans too. We are Spurs, foot shooting 'By Appointment'. The so far so good tendency who, when we do eventually win the league, celebrate by saying, 'Yes but can we sustain it next season?'

Well the tectonic plates have moved, the old order has at least been shaken up. Liverpool have never recovered from their opening day defeat at White Hart Lane and are confidently predicted to be out of the Champions' league places if they lose on Sunday at Old Trafford. If they don't make it who will? Under the perma frost a mighty Lilywhite mammoth is stirring and is threatening to rewrite the history of the Premiership. (editor: I'm not sure mammoths can re-write history Jimmy, even lilywhite ones.)

Early days, early days. We could have blown it at Bolton; but we didn't. We tried to blow it at Portsmouth; but we didn't. We haven't been swept off course by injuries to key players. We are winning the matches against lower teams, 'bullying' them as Lawrenson has it and I have already catalogued the key features of the 'new' Tottenham: winning away and showing resilience in adversity amongst them. Even Jenas is playing well: 'Ah yes but can he keep it up for the whole season?' I hear you ask.

On Saturday, at three clock, we have Stoke at The Lane. Another test of our resolve and our 'up for itness'. A strong team playing well in a Stoke sort of way. Another game we need to win if we are to maintain progress and our challenge. We can't take a draw, its a three pointer on the chart we all mentally, and some fanatics physically, map out. And this year its going to go on and on with mounting tension until we are mathematically out of the Top Four race.

There is a tiny part of me that yearns for this to happen. Make that a microscopic part of me. Even against Portsmouth when Defoe was sent off I thought 'Well that's it, back to normal, sit back and relax JimmyG'. But its still on, it can still happen. I know, 'Get back to me at Christmas.' ' Don't write Liverpool off just yet'. I'm not sure that I can stand the tension and the longer it goes on the worse the disappointment will be.

But as dual Chairman of the two newly formed bodies that I started with I am not allowed such thoughts. I'm in for the long haul: not only can we do it, we will do it. Beating Arsenal at Highbury, it will always be Highbury to me I'm afraid, would be a clear signal actually more of a sign assuming that we beat Stoke on Saturday. Which I am confident that we will.


danny modric said...

I would love us to be in the champs league next season, and to beat a5ena1 at the library would be the best feeling ever!! but we have to take every game as it comes, and not get to carried away.. We blew it against manu & chelski.. We were beat "phycologicly" before both games.. We just did'nt seem to have the belief, which is worrying if we want to be a top 4 team.. So bring on the stoke.. 3 points from that would be great, and keep us in the top 4 and set us up nicely for the big one next week...comon you spurs!!

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

We're on the right track and finally beating up on the lesser opponents. Giving away 3 points to Man U and another 3 to Chelsea was bound to happen, especially when considering they could easily be ranked two out of the top 6 teams in the world.

One game at a time. COYS!!!

JimmyG2 said...

Danny Modric
I'm sure you're right about the mental aspects. We are beginning to believe and this is vital for continued success. I'n not bothered about getting carried away, that what fans do.

Hi El
Yep and Stoke is a definite three pointer, nothing less will do as Danny above sense to build up our mental strength.

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