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Friday, 16 October 2009

The trouble with Nostalgia

The trouble with nostalgia is that there's no future in it. I don't really do nostalgia, probably something to do with the onset of senility. I'm more interested in the prospects for the team on Saturday and the possibilities for the season. There's plenty of nostalgia about of course as befits the supporters of a team whose future has been largely in the past.

But we are favourites to win away against Portsmouth which would cement even more firmly our place near the top. Both these elements, winning away and Top Four membership, are something of a novelty and run counter to the usual expectations of the Spurs fans over the past couple of decades. But we may well have to get used to it.

We are hard wired for disappointment, it pulses through our DNA. If the team don't self destruct, traditionally late in the game at a set piece, then the management do it for us and sack the manager in pursuit of some delusion or other, or buy the latest expensive 'must have' from abroad. That's after Man.Utd, Chelsea and Man.City, and shortly Birmingham have examined its teeth.

This season things are different and may well continue to be so, which is what disconcerts me. Usually you can relax and not worry about fixtures like Portsmouth. A point would usually be enough and a finish in the top half on the edge of the European places what we are used to. However if we are to maintain our challenge we must take three points in this type of fixture and the tension builds.

Palacios is already ruled out; there is no mention of Modric; Woodgate and King might be available but Dawson and Bassong had better 'dubbin' their boots just in case. Sorry I had a flashback there. We are playing good football and despite the injuries Harry has options. Jenas, Huddlestone and Kranjcar will come up against Kevin 'Prince' Boateng in midfield and this may or may not show us what we are missing. Up front the two ex Pompey players will be raring to go and I would start with them if Harry can get it past his captain.

Crowd hostility given the history of Spurs, Portsmouth and Harry might work to our advantage; it does with other successful teams and we can demonstrate our new found determination by winning this with ease. It would be good to win it without Modric and Palacios as there is an undercurrent of feeling that without either and certainly without both we are doomed.

Anyway I'm looking forward to the game but in a higher state of tension than I am used to. There are markers to be put down for starting spots especially in midfield and possibly in goal if Gomes returns where he will no doubt compete in the tabloids for the gaffe of the game; clown of the day competition. But not on here.

When you are not doing well nostalgia dulls the pain and it is a fact that we have all spent almost all of our lives in the past. But the trouble with nostalgia is that when you are doing well it takes the edge off success. There's always someone ready to make unfavourable comparisons with the past. My continued feeling is that we are building a new future at Tottenham; we are in the process of creating tomorrow's nostalgia.

The longest journey starts with a single step and we have taken several already. The next one is at Portsmouth at 3 clock.

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Anonymous said...

"very nice 'arry, whats it for..?"

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Winning at Pompey without Palacios and Modric is a must. We cannot rely on any player or two to dictate when we will secure 3 points.

Great post! COYS!

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 14.43
You missed the ' out of what's. Otherwise very well punctuated.

Cheers. This will test our squad depth and our progress.

alwyn said...

i'm curious: what about Roman Pav? Can he still play? we haven't much of him of late...

JimmyG2 said...

Alwyn hello!
Pavlyuchenko has been struggling with an achilles injury and didn't feature in the last Russian playoff game.(A cold I think)
He is fourth choice at Spurs due to the good scoring form of Defoe, Crouch and Keane.
I predict that he will leave in January which is a pity.
Wrong player, wrong, time, wrong place.
We don't have much luck with Russians (Rebrov) and we failed to sign the real quality one, Arshavin.

alwyn said...

thanks for the reply, Jimmy. yeah a pity as i think he tried hard to fit in and even played some fabulous spurs-quality football, esp. in his earlier games.

just got online and saw the 1-2 score against Pompey - omigosh! the skysports dude was even saying it could've been 3-2 p'mouth! what the hell was JD thinking?!

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