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Thursday, 8 October 2009

What a lovely view!

I'm with Martin Luther King here. I've been to the mountain top and I've seen the Promised Land. The view from the heights of the Premiership is not bad at all. There seems to be a couple of teams down there already shaping up for a relegation battle, but that needn't concern us now. It appears to be a four team dogfight to be the best of the rest. Its not clear yet whether that includes us or whether we will remain above the Europa scrap. Could be a lack of oxygen at these giddy heights affecting my judgment here.

Its great to have another relaxed two week break without having to fret too much over our last performance and be desperate to put things right. The consensus is that it was a point gained rather than two points lost at Bolton and that we showed a resilience that will help us in the long Premiership slog.

We have shown that we can put the weaker teams away with panache, 'bullying' as Lawro has it. This ability coupled with a new found resolve should see us improve our league points tally against teams outside the top four and maintain our current challenge. We have two such games to come and four points from them will sustain our two points per game tally before we take on Arsenal.

Harry has plenty of problems or 'challenges' as the say in politics but they're mostly the kind that manager's describe as 'nice' one's to have. Apart from the centre half injuries that is. Huddlestone and Corluka have coped reasonably well as stand-ins so far but Bassong and Dawson looks like being the default setting in the absence of King and Woodgate.

Then there is the Keane, Defoe, Crouch dilemma up front, but whatever Harry does seems to pay off. In midfield there's the Huddlestone, Jenas, Kranjcar triangle to see who joins Palacios and Lennon, at least until Modric returns, sometime in November I would guess. In goal there's the Gomes/ Cudicini stand-off but I think that Gomes is only a mini- gaff away from a permanent recall.

On the edges there is the Hutton, Naughton challenge to Corluka on one side and the return of Bale on the other. In view of Harry's preference for a settled team and without the outlet of European football these challengers, and Pavlyuchenko too when fit, are going to have to be patient. Although Pavlyuchenko being with us after January seems unlikely.

So at the pivotal eight game marker, this year, we can relax just a little and look forward to the England games. I'm signed up for the online feed but having read the instructions on what to do if it doesn't play I'm not hopeful and have bookmarked the 'How to get your money back' section.

95% of Guardian readers have said in a poll in the Sports' section that they wouldn't pay for the match, presumably on the principle that England games even abroad should be on terrestrial television. But how last century is that? Online might well be the future here. I'm signed up early as one of my principles is that you don't pay £11.99 for something you can get for £4.99.

I accept that I am open to reproach here and your views are welcome on this, and not only from Guardian readers. It will serve me right if its as bad as some of the streams that I try to watch Spurs games on. I have offered mates and family round at a pound a head but I'm not showing a profit at the moment. In fact only my dad is coming and he's refusing to pay.

So enjoy the break ( Uzivajte u svan prekid: Lesson two in JimmyG2's free course 'Croatian for Spurs fans'). And please don't start getting carried away. That's my job.


Anonymous said...

Moms and Dads always should get in for free,as they've probably spent enough on your presents to fund a small country,our kid.

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait for these England games to be over,so we can get to grips with pompey.

Jerard said...

Im a Huge Spurs fan from South Africa. I've recently opened up a Facebook Group "Tottenham Hotspur - South African Supporters" . Theres some great pics of the Boys in Lillywhite. Feel free to join and comment...Regards Jerard

JimmyG2 said...

You're right Anon 17.34. If the old skinflint pays up I'll give him his money back.

Anonymous said...

DAVVSPURS. Here Jimmy G don't want to knock your confidence but there needs to be some small changes and some better substitutes.If we are to maintain our top form firstly Cudicini needs to be put back on the bench pronto Ekotto needs resting and Bassong or Bale needs to replace him thirdly and most importantly something needs to be done about illegal Energy Abuse or we will keep struggling against players costing 37,000 like the one we have just drawn with and the next one we will be playing.The latest drug scandal to hit football is Italian Capt. cannavaro .This would not happen in the premiership and any high profile players caught would be kept quite by the FA who have football representatives on there board from clubs like the police policing themselves .We have lost two good managers because teams and other managers are desperate to stay up and stay in the top four and have used this ENERGY. To make up for lack of talent and funds and a quality squad Trust me Jimmy G. When a manager says on friday is team play with a high tempo and are very fit because we have a very good fitness conditioner and the team he mentioned that they play like was reported for this energy two years ago then it makes you wonder. Well it dident take me long to see for my self the tell tale sine's and we needed all our skill to come away with a point and our next game will be the same unless like Cannavaro Uk sport ignore the Premiership and the FA and stop this cheating for 3 points.COYS

JimmyG2 said...

Wow Davvspurs,you are certainly a high energy man yourself, or perhaps that's just a punctuation problem.
Anyway thanks for the heads up,I get your drift though some of the exact details went straight over my head. I'll certainly keep my eyes open.

Hi Jerard, I will have alook.
Did you catch any of the Spurs games when we won the Peace Cup in 2005?

Hoe said...

It's a Joke, it is our national game, YES IT SHOULD BE ON TERESTRIAL! Joke I won't pay and I hope it flops! Not to mention we now have a first, people who live outside of Broadband capable areas (and there is still quite a lot of them) will not even be able to think of watching the game, at least before with Sky they could, joke! England games should be on BBC FULL STOP.

JimmyG2 said...

Ho Hoe
Actually I agreee , it should be. But its not and the BBC had the chance to bid for it ,as did all the other terrestrial channels after Setanta collapsed.
Its not going to happen and if the Govt.of the day decree that it must be then they will have to compensate the BBC for the loss of income. That's not going to happen either.
Your point about people not being able to get Broadband is valid and not everyone can afford Sky either. Me included.
There are a vast range of channels now and that is what I meant be 'so last century'. The image of everyone sitting down to watch the BBC for several hours on Cup Final day is a dim and distant, though fond memory.

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