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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Wigan preview

Seasoned Spurs fans will pick out with ease the errors in the following preview.

'Tottenham have a routine game against Wigan in the Premiership on
Saturday which should give them an easy win and three points to boost
their Top Four chances.
At home to an average Wigan side with a poor away record who have yet
to fully adapt to their new manager they will be boosted by the return
of speedy winger Lennon after injury and a choice of three centre

Prediction: 3-1 to Spurs.

Spotted them ? Well I gave you an easy one to start with; the game has been switched to Sunday by mutual agreement. But this has 'banana skin' scribbled all over it. In fact it is more like a bunch of banana skins written in 96 point font in bold and underlined.

Secondly, Spurs don't do 'easy' or 'routine'. If there is a way of making us suffer, they will find it with aplomb, in style and with irritating nonchalance. Think Stoke.

Thirdly mentioning 'Top Four' is apparently to poke the gods of football with a sharp stick and to anger them into turning their faces from us and staring fixedly in a North Westerly direction.

Fourthly 'average' sides are to us what cheese at supper-time is to a sound night's sleep. A nightmare.

A 'Poor away record' is the toreador's extravagant final pass challenging the desparate bull to raise itself for one last effort to impale his soft dangly bits on the end of its sharp pointy bits.

Finally making any guesses as to the availability of Tottenham's central defenders or its creative flankers is to indulge in the fantasy worlds of Dan Brown, Agatha Christie, and Enid Blyton all at the same time.

Wigan it should be remembered have beaten both Aston Villa (Away) and Chelsea this season and have one or two players capable of causing an upset. They were however beaten 4-1 by Portsmouth in their last game.

So there you have it. A game we should win. A win which would take us back to almost the two points per match average which would have secured a Top Four finish in the last ten years of the Premiership and in some a better finish than fourth.

If Harry goes 442, puts Defoe and Keane up front, instructs the boys to keep the ball on the floor and to feed Lennon, if he plays, all will be well, especially if we can score early. The rest, and Wigan, should be history.

But as the man said 'history teaches us that history teaches us nothing'. Following Spurs over many years leads me to agree. However this season we are beating the teams outside the Top Four rather than those within it which as a strategy is more points profitable than the other way round. So my prediction and my hopeful preview stand and I might venture a small wager on a 3-1 win. Very small though.


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I applaud your 3-1 enthusiasm, however I myself am a bit skeptical... a bit. Leading up to the break, we just didn't seem to be the same attacking outfit we were at the beginning of the season.

1-0 Spurs with Gomes to save 300 attempts! COYS!!!

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Did I mention that I applaud your enthusiasm??? :)

JimmyG2 said...


You did, but one man's enthusiasm is another man's stupidity and/or blind faith and I have bags of all three..
Either way between us we get three points.
'Three points, Mmm'.

TMWNN said...


JimmyG2 said...


Just because we disagree about Jenas and Huddlestone we don't have to have a shootout.
But OK see you at the corrale at High Noon.

JimmyG2 said...

Owing to a computer blip, well alright an editing cock-up by me, this latest blog post disappeared for several hours today.
Its back now and apologies.

TMWNN said...

As long as I can play Gary Cooper.

JimmyG2 said...


Listen pal, its my blog and I get to call the shots!

TMWNN said...

Err, I meant 9-1.

Seriously though, if Jenas had played from the start, I think we may have struggled.

JimmyG2 said...


Never let it be said that JimmyG2 is not magnaminous in victory. If Jenas had played we would be above Arsenal on goal difference.
But tonight you're my best mate you are.

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