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Monday, 21 December 2009

Better than Sex

The 'Bloggers handbook' recommends using a catchy headline, so I have. We will see if it improves the hit count.

And now back to the football. Anyone who thought that their Uncle Jimmy would modestly refrain from pointing out that he forecast the two latest wins and even got the score spot on for Blackburn, and predicted the demise of Mark Hughes, does not fully appreciate the ego power of your average blogger. If we could harness it, Global Warming would be a distant memory instead of an even more imminent threat after Copenhagen.

Actually I've been saying that Hughes would get the sack for about 18mths, since he was first appointed in fact, a bit like the man who carried an 'End of the World Is Nigh' sign for 30yrs but died before his prophecy came true. It's all a matter of timing. Multi billionaires soon throw their toys and their managers out of the pram if their money doesn't bend the Laws of Nature. They haven't worked out yet that only one team can win the league.

Now I'm not saying that I actually caused these events, well not completely on my own obviously. The lads helped by matching their brilliance against Man.City with some determination against a Blackburn side that probably shaded us for possession. Gomes made at least four saves and Robinson made none, though he should have come for Kranjcar's cross for our first goal. Given our record up there this was a real signpost on the way to somewhere.

To put the match into perspective try listening to Sam's analysis or reading some of the Blackburn fan sites. The first goal was apparently out of time by, ooh, several seconds; Crouch fouled Nelson for the first; the second goal was offside; Benni McCarthy was man of the match and should have scored three and so on.

Now there might be bits of truth in there somewhere: Crouch is often penalised unfairly in those situations; we were deep into injury time; McCarthy played well and was unlucky with the attempt that hit Gomes and rolled across the goal off the post, but what about the other 89 minutes?

Once again this was a real team effort, with the fullbacks supporting their wing players; Dawson and Bassong covering each other and Gomes making the save when everything else had failed. We matched them in midfield for energy and grit and our attacking play was stifled partly by our inability to pass or shoot accurately and by Blackburn's covering. Nelson did play well against Crouch, apart from the goal,and they certainly had more chances than us.

But for the second time in four days we kept a clean sheet, and Crouch crowned an excellent week with two well taken goals. I have not been his greatest admirer but I am pleased for the boy. What's good for Tottenham players is good for Tottenham. He stepped up when Defoe, Lennon and Kranjcar were all slightly off key. Both Jenas and Keane looked lively when they came on and Jenas set up the second goal with an adventurous run and a nice touch through to Crouch.

I think the key is the variety of approach, Kranjcar and probably Modric when he returns, gives us balance and both are happy to shift inside when Lennon swaps wings. We seem to be resisting the temptation of playing it too long too often. Incidently I was pleased to see the return of the Gomes long throw which tends to retain possession because it is more precise than his kicking.

Next up are Fulham who are not to be underestimated : just ask Man.Utd. They have won six of their home games out of nine and only conceded 6 goals in doing so. Captain Danny Murphy is running the show and Zamora, yes that Zamora, Bobby Zamora, is now being cheered off the pitch instead of booed. He's being tipped for the England World Cup squad by his manager, but then you wouldn't expect him to say anything different. Both players failed to make any impact at Spurs. In fact some of you had forgotten they were ever here.

So, I can feel the tension out there building as you wait for the JG2 official forecast. Tottenham will win 2-0 and their manager will get the sack. No sorry that was last week. If we get a draw (1-1 is my prediction) I will tuck into the cold turkey with relish. Actually I don't like relish; make that pickled red cabbage.

And you know what, as I contemplate the events of the last week I think I was right in the first place. Two wins in a week, a sixth away win, still in contention for the top four: it is actually better than sex. Now Mrs JimmyG2 is claiming her right of reply here and I have assured her that I don't mean with her. Ah! wrong move as now she wants to know who it was with. But I 'm going to stop digging. So look out for next week's post by whichever of us survives.

Merry Christmas, have a drink for the lads as Harry has banned all alcohol until the end of the season. Yeah right. Are golf courses not open over Xmas?


Marianne said...

"Though he should have come for Kranjcar`s cross for the first goal! We are talking about Robbo, right?

I think we can nick a close three points against Fulham, they like to play it around and that will leave space for our attack. I would like to see Modric (if fit) play in the hole behind Defoe, so we have in reality a five man MF.

There should be some goals at either end, and me thinks we will be the better by one, 2-3 Spurs win.

Happy chriatmas to all.


Anonymous said...

Global Warming indeed!

Get a grip (if your hands arem't too cold)!!

All your credibilty gone with one comment!

JimmyG2 said...

Modric in the hole ain't gonna happen. Crouch/ Defoe is doing too well to be changed, understandably too at the moment.

Anon 13:10
What credibility? If you are a Spurs fan I would have thought you would have got used to thinking more long term.

Marianne said...

Not been a big fan of Crouchy either, but if he keeps putting in the performances of last, he will gain the affection of the Spurs faithful.

I would feel a lot better playing away against inform teams with five in the middle, with that extra bit of attack mind in it. Less stress being in the bottom half of the table, i`m looking more at the goons and Poos results than ever in ones life time. ;)


Anonymous said...

Try cranberry sauce,mmmm...lovely.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Golf courses in Ireland, that is...

Balanced attacking and defending football is how we will continue to win matches. Fulham will be a handful for us and they will score. Defoe has to be ready to hit that net more than once if we are to bring home any points.

Merry Christmas JimmyG2!

JimmyG2 said...


Merry Xmas to you.
Danny Blanchflower advised equalising before the other teams has scored.
Score more than them and you win, simple.

who framed ruel fox said...

Good tidings, Jim.

Wishing you a prosperous and fruitful festive period.

Very best,


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