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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Man.City Preview

End of World probably postponed: possibly.

The popular wrist slashing kits first launched at the beginning of last season are back in stock and on special offer ( 30% off, for one day only ) in the Spurs shop in readiness for the Man.City game tonight so make sure you order early. You can get a further discount on six or more so they would make the ideal Xmas present for your Spurs supporting mates.

They are packed in an attractive box with a picture of Daniel Levy, Harry Redknapp and the team on the top. The de luxe version contains a mini dartboard and darts so that you can cut out the pictures of Daniel and Harry or your favourite scapegoat, mount them on the board and vent your feelings before making the final gesture. Who knows it might just prevent you from making the ultimate sacrifice.

Sixteen games in, we are fifth in the most open Premiership ever. But confused by our fantastic start our response to the defeats by Stoke and now Wolves is to turn, once again upon ourselves. This is not just a Tottenham thing, all supporters do it, just have a look at their fan sites, but we do seem to do it with more relish than some others.

So for now: Redknapp is unable to take us to the next level; Robbie Keane is finished; Corluka beat Huddlestone in a slow race; Palacios was never as good as we thought he was; Jenas was responsible for the defeat against Wolves even though he wasn't even on the bench, and so it goes on.

A win tonight will sweep all these doubts back into a drawer to be dusted off and re-examined when we next lose, probably to Blackburn on Saturday. A draw might suit both sides but at home we surely have the edge. I said that against Wolves and Stoke but it still remains true. City's record at WHL is dire so we have history on our side. And what does History teach us? Correct: History teaches us that History teaches us nothing.

The back five picks itself as Woodgate and King are still not available. Modric definitely won't start according to Harry and the midfield depends on whether Jenas has recovered from the food poisoning that laid him low on Saturday. Up front Crouch will probably start with Defoe after Keane's poor display.

Personally I would like to see Defoe and Pavlyuchenko start. Why? To see if they can do better than Defoe/Keane or Defoe/Crouch did on Saturday. Another suggestion is for Kjranjcar to play in the hole behind Defoe, then Gio or Modric could replace Kranjcar at some stage. This is all a bit radical and while it is a bit premature to stock up on the wrist slashing kits in anticipation of the doom to come, we haven't quite reached the 'lets try something completely different' stage either. I have no doubt that Harry will proceed cautiously, for the moment anyway.

The defeats against Stoke and Wolves are worrying because of our inability to open up packed defences and to take our chances when we make them, but setbacks happen and we have time to overcome them with 22 matches to go. Defensively Man.City are as error prone as ourselves. They play attacking football which leaves them open to the rapid counter attack game which suits us better than playing against 'smash and grab' defensive outfits.

My feeling, is that we will edge it, possibly 2-1 and I am really looking forward to the game which promises to be fast and open. They, like us, have injury problems; Bridge is out; Wright Phillips is doubtful; Bellamy is suspended.

But if we should lose its not the end of the world. That's penciled in for after Xmas.


Anonymous said...

Bang on the money preview match.


Anonymous said...

Er, 'match preview'. Remember when we drew with Villa? Their fans were depressed and been outplayed in that second 45, saying they did not have the class of Spurs to compete for 4th. And yet look at whats happened since.


TMWNN said...

Predicting Spurs' results is for the uneducated masses.

You may as well buy an extra lottery ticket.

1-0 to City.

JimmyG2 said...

Given your prediction track record I am tempted to invest all my savings on a Spurs win (or blow it all on a lottery ticket)
'uneducated masses'. Who they?

who framed ruel fox? said...

Top hustle, Jimbob. A good read.

I've heard on the grapevine that Jenas is down with food poisoning, so he's out. Hopefully he'll being shitting blood until January before he bids us adieu..

who framed ruel fox? said...

There should be a 'still' in there somewhere, as you've obviously already mentioned Jenas' ailment. Jenas is 'still' out...

Or should that be 'stool'?

JimmyG2 said...

who framed ruel fox
Its a conspiracy against my best mate Jermaine,(thats Jermaine with an 'e'). Talk about hitting a man when he's down, have some compassion.
I bet you my pound savings that he doesn't leave in January. In fact I've borrowed Mrs JimmyG2's savings and can make it £2.
Who will we blame if he goes? No don't answer that we've got plenty lined up for that role.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Don't fret, Jim. I'm only joking (sort of)

I don't hate Jenas- I know plenty who do- I just don't think he's all that good. He'd make a decent squad player but, sadly, he has ambitions loftier than his ability. I wish him a speedy recovery followed by a swfit exit.

Then let's get Downing.

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