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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful.

We've reached the half way stage and I thought I would share some seasonal goodwill with you at this point in this exciting season with a quick look at the positives. More traditional fans of the 'Don't speak too soon' persuasion can no doubt provide the 'Reasons to be gloomy' side of the picture and you're welcome to do so.

Liverpool(H) Victory against a 'top four' side.

Hull City(A) First hat-trick of the season(Defoe). First 5goal haul.
First away win. Top.

W.Ham(A) Second away win. Came from behind to win. Still top of the

Doncaster(A)Cup. Third away win. Second five goal haul.

Birmingham(H) Lennon scored late to win it.

Man.Utd (A) We scored first, but were well beaten.

Chelsea(A) Should have been two up but missed our chances.

Preston N.E(A)Cup. Third five goal win. 4th away win. Crouch hat-trick

Burnley(H) 4th 5goal win. Keane scores 4. Back in top four.

Bolton(A) Came from behind twice to get a draw. Back to 3rd

Portsmouth(A) 5th away win. Still 3rd

Stoke(H) Totally outplayed them but lost.

Everton(H)CUP Many players missing but no problems. Bale starts and
wins.(Not Prem. though)

Arsenal(A) 42mins of decent play then disintegration. Still in top Four.

Sunderland(H) Outplayed but won. Mark of a good team apparently. Gomes outstanding.

Wigan(H) Best score for 30 years. Defoe scores 5. Still in top four.

Villa(A) Came from behind to draw. Away from home against possible
contenders. 3rd.

Man.Utd(A)CUP Outplayed them first half but went in 2 down. Bale excellent.

Everton(A) Nothing positive comes to mind. Point away from home. Still in top four.

Wolves(H) Return of Modric. Brief appearance of Gio. Other results mean
we didn’t suffer as much as we might have. But I’m struggling
on this one.

Man.City(H) Best performance of the season. Lennon, Dawson, Kranjcar

Blacburn(A) Won with a solid performance where we might
normallylose.Clean sheet and Crouch back on scoresheet.4th
league away win

Fulham(A) Gomes brilliant. Poor game but a good point. King and Modric
made a welcome re-appearance. First three consecutive clean
sheets for five years.

Winning away(5 total, 4 in league): goals from all over the pitch (15 different players so far): hat-tricks and more from three different players: coming from behind to win and draw: winning late on: most of the season in top four: despite key players being missing (Modric, King, Woodgate) the squad have stepped up and played with more grit and determination than previously.
Harry seems to have become more pro-active with his substitutions and to have sorted out the Keane as captain problem when he's not playing well by not making him an automatic choice.
Dawson has not only played well in the absence of his senior mentors but has thrived with the captaincy and has formed a sound partnership with Bassong.

W.Ham forecast

A win against W.Ham will start the second half of the season off nicely and we should be favourites to do so and perhaps to keep another clean sheet. W.Ham have only one once in nine games away whereas Spurs have won 6 out of nine at home. Anything can happen in a derby but I am tipping this to go with home advantage and form.

JimmyG2 official forecast is 3-0 to Spurs.

Review of Fulham and W.Ham games later in the week and my New Year resolutions and hopes.


Anonymous said...

I agree, couldn't really have hoped for a better start to season. Fingers crossed that after tomorrow we'll be back in the top 4.


Anonymous said...

Every now and again, games which define seasons come up and quite a few of those we've had already should have left us out of contention for top 4, where it not for others' results being favourable.
It's there for the taking and we are capable of it. But tomorrow's game is a no brainer.
A win is an absolute must. Anything else and in the end we'll be also rans albeit much much improved.

Isaac said...

You missed Blackburn away. I would have described that as: Good victory over a team fighting relegation in difficult conditions. Crouch back on the scoresheet.

JimmyG2 said...

Cheers,it got lost in translation somehow but I'll stick with your comment.

Anon 20:38
Yes weve benefitted by other results going our way, but it seems to be the nature of the Premiership this year.

alwyn said...

nice post, Jimmy. 4 wins and 4 draws away from home is better than what we normally do.

"Outplayed but won. Mark of a good team apparently." - could it b more the mark of a good defense? maybe (contra Chelsea's back 4) with Gomes being outstanding that filters out to Dawson and Co. which makes gomes even more confident, infinitum

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Thanks for the refresher course JimmyG2! Much needed to add to the positive vibes I have going into the new year! We should have scored that 3rd against West Ham!

Happy New Year! COYS!

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