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Friday, 18 December 2009

Roll up, roll up.

Roll up, roll up. Please give a rapturous welcome to Harry Redknapp's famous Flying Circus.

Witness simultaneous Bungee Jumping by the whole squad from out of the Den of Wolves to the top of the Colin Bell stand.
Observe the world famous ex-clown Heurelho Gomes;
Regard the prowling tiger Wilson Palacios;
Behold the human projectile Aaron Lennon;
Observe the World's nearly Tallest Man Peter Crouch; The Stiltman who doesn't need stilts.
Clock the troupe of ball juggling Croatians;
Clap eyes on the Fighting Cameroon, Benoit Essou-Ekotto:
Eyeball the Flying Michael Dawson and his lovely assistant Sebastian;
Discern the human heavy roller Tom Huddlestone;
Spot the disappearing Irishman;
Catch a glimpse of the Welsh Boy Wonder;
Identify the fugitive Russian;
Make out the Fill-A-Skip heart-throb;
and our own, our very own Jermain Defoe the illusionist who conjures goals out of thin air.

No but seriously folks, our best team performance since Liverpool, including Wigan. We saw off the challenge of Man.City possibly terminally and in some style. Mark Hughes' arrogance in trying to swashbuckle away from home against the team that swashes its own buckle best against opposition that tries to take us on may have dealt a fatal blow not only to his team's ambitions but his own. One win in eleven is not likely to impress his Abu Dhabi masters.

He ignored the threat of Lennon by playing Robinho, not known for covering his defender and handed him the freedom of the right flank. Little was done to protect Sylvinho even when he was being driven to distraction by Aaron who wreaked havoc from the off.

On the other flank, Kranjcar, who gave us balance, scored two and could have had more. We didn't rely solely on the long ball to Crouch who was excellent for the first time since his hat-trick and he found his team-mates with his flick ons. Dawson was solid at the back and made another serious application for the vacant post of captain with the long term injuries to Woodgate and King and the fleeting appearances of Keane.

The third goal sums up the whole match. Three Man.City defenders advanced in a line to cut out the short corner by Kranjcar. He was ignored by them all as Lennon slipped the ball between them and he then performed the old schoolboy trick of pushing the ball past a static and mesmerised Adabeyor, ran round the other side and then nutmegged Given for his second goal.

If we could shoot we might have challenged the Wigan performance: Kranjcar, Defoe, Crouch, and Huddlestone all wasted good opportunities and all three goals were scored virtually from within the six yard box.

And so to Blackburn. Which phase of the bungee jump are we on? Buoyed up by this performance we should win but Stoke and Wolves suggest caution. Blackburn have got 15 out of their 19 points at home and conceded only 7 goals in seven games. A draw wouldn't be a disgrace but I am taking us to win and score two or three.

Last season Palacios was sent off and we then fell to two late goals having led. Chimbonda may face Lennon and David Dunn is unlikely to play. We are mentally stronger now, oh yes we are, and have the quality and the momentum to win this one. Lawrenson plays safe and predicts a draw, but, like Spurs, I'm on a roll so I am going for 2-0 to Spurs.

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TMWNN said...

I'm not going to be stupid enough to predict the score (this time), but sod's law says that a long range effort is due to hit the back of net.

TMWNN said...

...especially with Robbo in goal.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope Chimbo is playing left back - he's useless there!

alwyn said...

Cautiously, I think we were lucky Bellamy was suspended and Robinho must be missing Brazil given his invisible performance. Tevez looked lonely up front and Adebayor must've wished he wasn't w the Gunners previously given his boo-index.

Having said that, the team surely played like they wanted to win and there was none of that over-careful drudgery we saw at the Emirates and Stamford Bridge.

Then again, I insist a key factor is Krancar who - as we often hear - "was everywhere" (and, if memory serves right, was NOT playing in those games where 3-0 went against us). Niko and Luka have this omnipresent quality and seem as hard-working as an ant in autumn (we don't have autumns in Kuala Lumpur, so I'm basing my guess on films like Bug's Life), all of which stirs up the whole nest.

Bravo and if we can play against Blackburn the way we did w Villa and Everton, we should *score* at least two (and has Harry found a replacement penalty-taker yet?).

A little cheekily, based on the news reports, we MAY have an explanation for the Wolves mawling: that 'illegal' Irish party Harry's so mad with.


Anonymous said...

"Mark Hughes' arrogance in trying to swashbuckle away from home against the team that swashes its own buckle best against opposition that tries to take us on..."


JimmyG2 said...

No Autumns? Who goes round and takes all the leaves off the trees?
They had players missing but so did we.
I bet Kranjcar takes a mean penalty.

It doesn't usually stop you.
I hope you noticed that as soon as Jermaine came on we scored and he didn't even have to touch the ball. Quality.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Let's hope Blackburn don't stop our momentum! If the 3 goal win vs. Man City didn't instill confidence in the boys, I honestly don't know what will.

Great post JimmyG2!

TMWNN said...

1-0 Blackburn.

JimmyG2 said...


Listen to your Uncle Jimmy for once.
Who set up Crouch for the second goal?

pushnrun said...

Great post as usual,

and a great result from what I expect to be our settled first 11 until injuries interupt the party. Modders, Keano, Ledley, Woodgate. and JJ will of course be back and I'm not so fickle to forget what they have contributed, but the team is balanced and clearly works as a unit. Bassong is solid and Dawson is awesome right now; central mid has invention and steel with Wilson and Hudd so why would we want to change it? At the start of the month I wanted 12 points from the 18 point Christmas programme, assuming draws with City, Rovers and Fulham. Despite Wolves and Everton we are still on course for a modest 11 and with Villa's programme (woolwich and 'pool to come) and City's "issues", my new year prezzie should/could be 4th. Any road up we have a gap on 6th to ptotect. This is the best/hardest Prem to sort a "4" that I can remember. Gawd bless Villa, Fulham and Brum. Perversly I want a FIGHT till April and us to nose it....

Happy as a cockerel in a barn full of spam!

Desperate news about Harry...hope it doesn't affect him, but as the Spurs site says it's his business and WE/the club give him full support. COYS!!!!!

alwyn said...

i was breathing again after Crouch's 2nd (allowed!) goal, probably the best team-goal this week (if not month).

am glad one Jermaine excelled even if another didn't

and need i say it? niko Niko NIKO!!!

Harry has tax problems? he should come to malaysia...:)

JimmyG2 said...

'happy as a cockerel in a barn full of spam'
I must remember that though I haven't a clue what it means.
Every chance of being 4th come the New Year.

If he has to leave the country can you put him up?
Two good performances by Crouch and I am not his biggest fan.

TMWNN said...

I think I'm on to something here...

1-0 Fulham.

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