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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

B is for Boaz,Buses,Barcelona and Bale.

Once again I got this one nearly right. They didn't score, as I correctly predicted, but I forgot to factor in that they might not only bring a goalkeeper with them but one who was destined to have the best afternoon of his life. Step forward Boaz Myhill. You can't blame Harry for this one whatever alterations you might make in starting line up and substitutions. We created more than enough chances to win it (11 shots on target to their none) and totally dominated the whole game.(63% possession: 14 corners to 1) Gomes was arrested after the game for loitering without intent. In fact I question whether we need a keeper.Can't we play 11 outfield players?

I watched the Barcelona/Seville game on Saturday night to compensate for the disappointment and was struck by the differences. Now I admit that Messi is the finest player on the planet and Barcelona our earthly representatives in the Inter- Galaxy Cup. I am not expecting us to turn into Barcelona overnight but there must be lessons to be learned. They played with such speed of thought; such awareness of space and of the movement of team-mates; such quickness of feet and pace on the ball; such instant control; such calmness in front of goal; such restrained use of the long ball. Now these are comparisons with a team at the highest level but if we hope to compete in this manner, which I think we do, then we need to start improving our flair, skill and attitude to the game.

We have a settled squad of good players who should be responding to each other with greater awareness. We play so few clever one twos in and around the box. We are good individually but have not yet forged the vital understandings between pairs and groups of players. Without Lennon we are one paced and one dimensional. We are skilful but somewhat pedestrian in our approach. The build up is patient but lacks that sudden injection of pace on the ball that confuses and unsettles teams. We seem to go head on at packed defences.

More and more bottom half teams desperate to retain their Premiership Status will play ugly, employ negative, anti football measures and park the bus. It is a tribute to our new status as a team to be respected of course but it needs to be dealt with at the individual skill level, at the team tactic level and at the club mentality level.

A gap has opened up between Birmingham in 8th on 33 pts and Fulham in 9th on 27 pts and anywhere below this there will be teams willing to do anything within and on the edge of the laws of the game to stay clear of the big drop.The spirit of the game as embodied in the Barcelona style is another matter. With the financial repercussions severe for failure for the club and the employment prospects grim for managers without continued success the concept of the beautiful game is difficult to sustain.

Of course if we had beaten Hull, or Stoke , or Wolves we could almost be top. If we had won every game as some fans expect, we would have almost won the league by now. We didn't, we haven't, move on. Nobody does and nobody will. Just think how Liverpool, Man.City and Aston Villa fans feel because they, like us, missed their chance to close the gap. Its happening this season and it will happen more and more.

At Liverpool on Wednesday we need to refocus. They are more desperate for points than us and are at home. No buses will be parked and we should do better in a more open game. We didn't get the expected bonus of the three points against Hull but we played well enough to go to Liverpool on a clean sheet roll and turn them over. They are without key players, low on morale and can be beaten. The hubcaps came off in the first game of the season and the wheels shortly after. What's left is propped up on bricks. With Alonso gone and Torres, Gerrard, and Benayoun out, the engine has been removed. Shortly they might well be advertising for a new driver.

The postponement worked to their disadvantage and I have upgraded my 1-1 draw prediction to a narrow away win (2-1). We can't miss as many chances two games running and last time I checked their goalkeeper was not Boaz Myhill. We might start with Defoe and Pavlyuchenko just to see if it works, and Jenas will come in for the injured Huddlestone. O'hara is available and might partner Palacios. The permutations are almost several. Lennon and probably King are still out.

Which brings me to the boy Bale. In my view he is one of the brightest prospects to be seen at The Lane for years unless he is driven out by mindless references to his appearance and ignorant rants about hexes, hoodoos and other superstitious claptrap. He has overcome a series of injuries with resilience, has an excellent attitude and displays the kind of flair, pace and skill that will make him a Spurs legend in the years to come.

Now it is a fact, an undeniable statistic that we have not won a game in the Premiership when Gareth has started the match. That doesn't make it his fault. We stopped burning witches some 300 yrs ago. He was possibly our best player on Saturday. How then can he be blamed because Keane, Defoe and Crouch missed good chances. If we are not careful we will not be in a position to get rid of him, he will have been snapped up by a more successful teams than us who realise his qualities. Barcelona perhaps?

So there you have it: Boaz, Buses, Bale and Barcelona. Next week its Crumpet, Crouch, Cavity walls and Cowdenbeath. What happened to the 'A's? I'm working on it.


Anonymous said...

Get your head out of your Arse, park the bus HAHA Spurs have never done That have they, it's football get over it. Your £40 million strikers could not beat our £50,000 Keeper.

Anonymous said...

Bale is indeed a class act - I do, however, think that 'Arry is fully aware of this, and did the right thing in taking him out of the firing line. 'Arry knows how to nurture young players, and by putting BAE (no mena performer himself) in, he has put Bale on his mettle more than if he had just perservered with him no matter how poor the performances or how fragile the confidence - no player should be an automatic first choice!

On one thing, however, I have to totally disagree; he does look like an Elf extra from the Lord of the Rings - why is it poor fellas, who are failures, are somehow fair game to be mercilessly hounded over their appearance all of their lives, but successful men, and adults at that, are somehow so fragile and, er, oppressed, that they must never hear one negative word?

LemonadeMoney said...

I wonder if the reason whether we score 9 or 0 is whether or not the other team lets us play. This may sound obvious, but City and Wigan came to play so we found room. This may explain why we seem to have a lot of possession against top 4, they draw us out by defending deep and have the talent to score on the break (at least for the first goal, then take control). Wenger's tactic against us is similar to this, he lets us get tired (we try too hard as it's the NLD), then steps it up late on. You say Liverpool won't park the bus but Rafa ain't suicidal - don't you think Liverpool at home have got as much chance to keep a clean sheet as Stoke, Wolves and Hull away? I think it's us who should park the bus at Anfield. Regarding beating teams who come to WHL looking for a point, the obvious tactic is score early, then their plan is fucked. Alternatively maybe we should let them think they have good possession and draw them out?

Anonymous said...

I'm depressed that Hull didn't push forward and took a negative approach from the off.

Had we pushed forward we still would have had Boaz in goal :( and created far more chances... that said the referee was playing at home.

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
I'm over it, We weren't clever enough and I gave your goalkeeper top billing.Do you want to sell him? I reckon we could go to 1/2 a million.

Anon 15:34
I'm sure you're right about Harry and Bale.
My point is that his physical appearance doesn't affect his football abilities.He is going to be abig success somewhare I just hope its at Spurs.

Anonymous said...

get a grip 1/2 a million ,how much did you pay for gomes the clown keeper ,wouldnt be surprised to see harry bid for boaz in the summer but think he will pay a lot more than that.

TMWNN said...

People are making a right meal of the Hull game when it was so obviously down to abysmal finishing. The keeper played well, granted, but he should have never been able to get anywhere near properly directed and struck shots. I've been saying it for a while now, get a striker in.

Preferably one that:

- doesn't shoot straight at the keeper

- doesn't moan like a bitch when his tamely hit shot is cleared off the line

- doesn't lay all his eggs in one basket

- doesn't go missing most of the match

- doesn't get bullied easily off the ball

- doesn't force us to play route one

- doesn't slow down the play enabling defenders to regroup

- doesn't get caught offside more times in one game than the amount of slappers he's dipped his 'little Jimmy' into

- doesn't shoot directly at players who are blocking the goal when a simple pass to a team mate is the better option

- doesn't try to break the back of the net when just a simple composed pass into the net is all that's needed

- doesn't have the heading ability of a pumpkin stuck on top of a 3 meter pole

- doesn't have that anguished look of 'oh! so close', then smiles and brushes his hair out of his skeletal and gormless face

- doesn't stink of bins

- doesn't stamp his arse on the floor gesticulating like a demented waist down paralysed seal

- doesn't tell the opposition that we're the better team and then not show up himself

- doesn't drunkenly hang out the back of motors or any old boiler that lays overly made up eyes on him

- doesn't.....

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Great post Mr. G2!

I was proud of Bale's performance. He has shown that he has worked on the defensive part of his game. Hoping he puts in a confident performance at Anfield. Would love three points but am not so sure we can pull it off. Anyways... 3 points please!


alwyn said...

whilst i was disappointed w the Hull game - can someone tell me why Keane on the rebound (in the 2nd half) didn't shoot LEFT and upwards instead of RIGHT and downwards straight at Myhill? - i'm confident that if we open up the opposition defence as we did, even Barca should get a run for their Lira.

and for *once* i'm actually optimistic about an away win tonight at Anfield. COYS.

JimmyG2 said...

Lemonade Money
Yes we have more chance in an open game and we don't usually perform well when we set out to make a draw.
I still prefer my Spurs in attacking mode. Give the opposition problems. Its better to watch.

Wow! Some rant fella. And lay off my friend 'little Jimmy'
The coolness in the box and the cleverness of the finishing was what immpressed me about Messi against Seville.He took that extra second to wait for the keeper to commit himself.Not that I think he would come to Spurs. Yet.
RVN will be a great disappointment if he comes which I don't think he will.

That should be Euros, even pesetas are long gone.Liras are long gone in Italy too.
Perhaps Keane was trying to double bluff him and Myhill didn't buy it.

JimmyG2 said...

To be fair Hull didn't actually test his defensive qualities.
My Mum always said that you don't get anything if you don't ask nicely. So.3pts.Please

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