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Friday, 15 January 2010

Its people that lie not statistics

If statistics ever made a game a formality then Saturday's visit of Hull is the text book case. Currently 19th in the league without an away win and conceding close to 3 goals per game away from home they are a perfect choice of opponents for us to start the next phase of the season. They have gone 15 games without a win or a clean sheet. Considering that we beat them 5-1 away this should be as routine a win as you could predict.

We have scored 26 goals at home and Hull by a neat mathematical coincidence have conceded 26 goals away. A win would mean that we have achieved the safety of 40 points before the end of January. I am still researching the last time we did that. Only Man.Utd have scored more than once against us at home. Hull have the worst record in the Premiership for shots. What can possibly go wrong

Am I forgetting Wolves or Stoke? Or Hull last year at home? No, but the momentum is different for both teams this year and after our Winter break we should be raring to go for this one. A handsome victory will set us up for Liverpool on Wednesday and get the win that would hammer a nail or three into the Liverpool coffin. They might even be without a manager by then as they have a tricky tie against Stoke to come. A win against Hull would give us a real boost and the reversal of the two fixtures is certainly to our advantage.

Liverpool have just been knocked out of the cup by Reading, and Torres, Benayoun and Gerrard have all sustained injuries which make them unlikely to figure next Wednesday. So much for those who cried conspiracy when they applied for the game to be postponed. It seems to have worked in our favour which was always a possibility. This might just be evidence of a fair and just God who suffers from a Tottenham bias. Or is it benefits?

King will probably be fit for the weekend and it is a good chance to extend our clean sheets to six in a row in all games. I'm still researching this one too.. Its 9yrs. since we kept clean sheets for five league games in a row. There is no news of Lennon at the moment but I think I would save him for Liverpool in any case and possibly King too. Jenas could give Modric or Kranjcar a rest for part of the game at least. Bale has his golden chance to start a winning Premiership fixture.

I lived in and around Hull for many years and both my daughters are eligible to play cricket for Yorkshire so I do have a softish spot for them. Cue local jokes about Spring Bank Cemetery and the East Park boating lake: if its still there.. However I will be more than happy for us to show them our inhospitable side and take the chance to give our goal difference a healthy boost. It might just be useful in the final reckoning.

There is never a formality in football, statistical or otherwise and especially with Spurs but why would anyone argue with these figures?
So the JG2 prediction is 4-0 to the mighty Spurs.

Transfer Window

No news is good news on the transfer front for me as one by one our alleged targets are going elsewhere or staying put. Most of them were figments of the football journalists imaginations anyway. Sandro is apparently down to mere details like the transfer the fee and a work permit. Mere details that shouldn't take Daniel Levy more than a couple of transfer windows to sort out. Remember Arshavin!

We are short of back-up for Palacios and Sandro may or may not be the answer but he certainly won't be until next season. O'Hara is a much better bet . He won't cost anything, his wages are reasonable and he won't take more than an hour to slot back in. Get him back Daniel you know it makes sense. If Pavlyuchenko stays until the summer he might just get a game. A loan to Birmingham looks the most likely eventuality because if we are hoping to get our money back on him we might waiting a long time. But whose fault is that?


Anonymous said...

East Park Boating Lake is still there, without the boats! It's the fault of the blue-green algae.

I think you'll be in for a battling draw this weekend, we've been unlucky recently.


JimmyG2 said...

Nice park: shame about the lake!
I am from the ´Waggy' era at Boothferry Park, a likely lad from the Sunday League ranks if I remember rightly.
Bit like Jimmy Bullard in some ways. You could do with one of them now.
Happy Days

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Hull are a feisty bunch. They make me uncomfortable. But we can beat them and I also predict a winner for this weekend.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Anthony Gardner'll score a bicylce kick own-goal and Defoe will grab two. 3-0.

Who wants in?

JimmyG2 said...

Who frames Ruel Fox
You could get good odds on that scenario although I'm not sure exactly what a bicylce kick is.
Just slummin' on here as rest from your new luxury pad I suppose.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure either.

But whatever it is, the boy let me down.

Luxury shmuxury. ;)

pushnrun said...

Taking my cue from your earlier posts, Jimmy, I reckon Hull was more blip jacket than banana skin.Disapointed as we should win games when we are so much on top. In-game stats for shots, corners, possesion and the repeats of "worldy saves" show we battered them. I don't blame Keane for the result as Defoe and Crouch missed regulation chances that all strikers ache to get. In fact,why blame anyone?Defoe,is still the best finisher in the league and I would still start with Crouch. Good performance,clean sheet,1 point.

The foot race for 4th starts here.....Villa should win today so 3 teams on 38pts,with us in pole on GD. It will be intense! Every game and goal will count and this race will be good entertainment till May.....and a hail Mary pass from THudd puts Defoe through for all 3 ponts at Burnley and CL qualification on GD! LOL.

Liverpool won't park the bus at Anfield so we should convert chances from what will be a close game. A definate 6 pointer and I always expect more against the better teams. Not a must win, but on form we should win and
after Hull 3 die for.


JimmyG2 said...

You have stolen my next blog. Excellent analysis. All that means is that I agree with you!
Uncanny how the first Anmon. post by a Hull fan got it exactly right, 'battling draw'.
Surprised he hasn't been back on to gloat.
Nice people from Hull, not gloaters.

pushnrun said...

JimmyG2 you are the man!

Don't thank me and I won't take all the credit but I decided to take my rotten Spurs luck (oh, Stoke,Wolves,& Hull) to the bookie and in recent weeks have put small sums on MU(Leeds),Citeh(beat Burnley&draw with Everton),Villa(draw with 'pool,win at Spam)....I'm not proud of myself and this should not be encouraged but I'm smileing all the way to the poor house. Right now watching a quid dissapear with Newcastle down 2-1,but sorry I won't be betting on 'pool....oh shit Newcastle have equalised as I type. Have I lost my Killah touch......


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