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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Transfer terms explained

Here are some explanations of a few of the terms currently used in transfer rumours in the press.

Ace _______Prolific striker who hasn't scored lately or he wouldn't be on the transfer list.
Battle_____ Agent and press attempt to raise interest in a player nobody wants.
Bid_______ An offer roughly half of what selling club are asking.
Bidding war:_____ Agents' fantasy over player who is difficult to shift.
Close in on:______ Rumoured transfer from last week but still not finalised.
Chase:_____No interest but agent attempts to stir some up.
Considering:______ Nothing happening on rumoured transfer
Coveted:___Player they would like but can't afford.
Flop:______Overpriced and no chance of getting their money back
Hit-man: ___ Striker but see 'ace'.
Launch:____First time rumour has been mentioned.
Leading the chase____The only club interested.
Linked:____Very vague rumour
Land:______Sign. Or as in 'hope to land' not signed.
Makeweight:_________Afterthought by journalist to make an unlikely deal even less likely.
Misfit:____Aging or young player who prefers local nightlife to training.
Offload:___Attempt to transfer 'misfit'.
Pounce:___ Sign player that's been hawked around for months who nobody wants
Pecking order:
(Slipped down)_______ Was a good player when signed but out of favour now.. See 'misfit'.
Race______ See 'chase' but even more agent hype.
Reportedly: __________No interest whatsoever.
Run the rule over:____Send brother in law to have a look as he lives close by.
Red hot form:_________Scored last week and the week before.
Star:______Midfield equivalent of 'Ace'
Shock Bid:_ See 'pounce'. But pay well over the odds.
swap:______Agents' wet dream scenario.
Slot in.___Target plays in the same position as injured player. See 'targeted'
Snub:______Offer ignored by player who had no desire to move in the first place.
Surplus to requirements:_ Replaced by player signed in the last window.
Splash out:__Pay well over the odds for player they don't really need.
Targeted:____Identify player and drop hints in interviews that you like him.
Tracked: ____Manager being pestered by an agent.
Thought to be interested in: ___Complete fabrication by journalist
Understood to be interested in:_Complete fabrication by a colleague of journalist.
Want away._Dropped and angling for a move without actually putting in a transfer request.

Any additions or new definitions welcome.I can't remember now why they introduced the January transfer window. It should be scrapped and the once a year window applied to managers as well.


KennyM said...

A close source - Something the journalist made up over breakfast as it is a slow news day.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget 'swoop' - mention to a friend that you've heard that a player is available but dont know anything about him, 'deny' - lie, 'happy' - open to better offers

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the the league now when it comes to January if a player is going to the team is team is playing and only is agent noes this will he score the winner and damage is championship chances. The answer is no ,also we have played west ham twice if they bought some outstanding players it wouldn't harm us but Liverpool have nearly signed Maxi Rodregas and he could on Wednesday damage our chances

JimmyG2 said...

Yep thats a pretty close source.

Anon 11:38
Fancy forgetting 'swoop'. Some Premiership managers seem to spend the whole of the transfer window imitating Golden Eagles.

Anon 12:06
Good point about Liverpool, but it cuts both ways. We might sign Joe Cole. No perhaps not on those wages.

TMWNN said...

'Planning a raid' - usually preceded by 'thought to be', thus a complete fabrication.

PUSHNRUN said...

Aren't we about to swoop on 'arrys long term coveted target, the want away star, Sandro, who, I understand is reportedly locked in talks, with Levy about to pounce for a player who could slot in to our midfield as a creative destroyer (?!). I, hope we pounce and land him, splashing out whatever it costs......or do I mean Joe Cole or that geezer who was sid-lined as surplus to requirement. Giosomething, like Bentlyachenko know the one I mean. Anyway would be (like) a new signing and thats always good.

IMO we need a backup keeper and defmid - how about getting O'Hara back?. Even with 5 games in 14 days happy with what we've got. New players take time to gel.


JimmyG2 said...

You´ve got,it but you could have got JJ in there somewhere as in'there are no clubs thought to be planning a raid for Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas who is out of favour'

You are on aroll there man.Totally agree with your last paragraph re new players, O'Hara.

TMWNN said...

Out of favour and out of mind. Long may it continue.

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