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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Yes we have no bananas

Anyone recognise these? Yep bananas. Know what they produce ? Yep banana skins. Know where most of them end up? Yep somewhere in the Spurs penalty box around the six yard area.

Just when you thought it was safe to stop just dreaming and actually check out the cost of flight and ticket packages to Madrid and Barcelona the dreaded curse of the extra time avenger strikes one of our defenders. At the beginning of the season sixth would have been fine: no problem. We had a near death experience last season and Harry ( God bless his Sacred Name ) came in and not only steadied the ship, but got the outboard motor going, the mainsail hoisted and the galley slaves rowing in roughly the same direction. Full steam ahead.

But now two last minute errors rob us firstly of easy progress in the Cup and leave a tricky tie at Leeds on Wednesday: secondly of any hint of clear water between us and our pursuers for the top four. We have been protected recently by other results but not yesterday. Liverpool won and are one point behind; Aston Villa won and are two points behind with a game in hand; City are one point behind and have two games in hand after beating Portsmouth.

In our last eight League games we have kept 6 clean sheets and only lost once. But 4 draws means that we haven't pushed our rivals hard enough. The team that can put a winning run together whether they are playing well or not will snatch the honours. We are playing well but not winning often enough. We're round Tattenham Corner into the home straight but the Stud Book says that we might not have the stamina for this distance.

We played well enough without creating and then missing a sackful of chances on this occasion. Modric surprisingly missed one and Crouch another when he got his right and left feet confused.. He played like the kid who no-one wants in their team in the playground until somebody says, ' You have him, we'll have kick off'. He contrived an assist from a ground level header to Defoe. Eidur must be anticipating on an early start especially if Robbie goes to Sunderland. He must think that he has more mates up there than on Tottenham High Road.

We had a rash of last minute losses a couple of seasons ago but now with the defence collecting clean sheets faster than a Hospital Matron during stocktaking and Gomes starring in 'The Clown who had the last laugh' show we thought we had put such things behind us. Bale and Dawson last week and Corluka this week are a nasty reminder that if you open too many cupboards a skeleton is bound to fall out eventually.

So now sixth is not good enough and seventh is worse than relegation to some. Expect calls for the sacking of Harry and the transfer of Corluka any time now. Bentley who was at one time not fit to wear the shirt is now a superstar even though he appears to be playing in a different time zone than the rest of the players on the pitch and when he gets the ball time stands still. Unfortunately opposition defenders do not. But he played well enough.

Ledley King played twice in five days, though I'm not sure why. Defoe scored, Bale was excellent for the fifth game running, and we controlled the game with relative ease. For 91 minutes we were well on the way to throwing down the gauntlet to our rivals with a rendition of the Dave Clarke Five's 1965 hit 'Catch us if you can'.

Then Corluka failed to track the ambling approach of Ridgewell, I hesitate to call it a run, who calmly robbed us of two points. Charlie may well get crucified for it but it was more a case of corporate manslaughter since Dawson, Ledley and Gomes were all culpable. Jenas who had been on the pitch for a full two minutes will probably get the blame in the end.

Leeds (Wednesday. On ITV) They are at home and will be up for it so we will probably beat them easily. Hutton, Jenas, Bassong and Kranjcar might well come in with Modric and Palacios on the bench and hopefully rested for the home game against Villa at the weekend. Another winnable game, at home, though I use the term loosely. 'Winnable' not 'game' that is.

For those that care. 'Yes we have no bananas' Broadway musical song from 1922. Popular during the 40's and early 50's when yes, we had no bananas. No really.


Anonymous said...

'Expect calls for the sacking of Harry?' You are a wanker! What a great idea get rid and have another manager and another transition period. Tw*t.

Anonymous said...

Next game is home to Aston Villa not away at Bolton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I think you may have missed the point, n*t w*t

Anonymous said...

Good write up and agree that, King, Dawson, Gomez and Corluka bottled it but Jenas had only been on like you say, 2 minutes therefore had a lot more in his engine to make a challenge to stop the cross coming in or close down. I'm more annoyed with Rednapp for making the substitution in the first place. I am getting tired of his excuses of we were fighting relegation this time last year which let's him off the hook. We should be stepping up now and that includes Harry Rednapp.

Anonymous said...


Enorme Nuez said...

It was Jenas' fault! (Haha, I kid). Corluka switched off and it happens but we need to rid ourselves of these mental lapses. In the same breathe we need to put away our chances at the other end.

Anonymous said...


Harry Hotspur said...

I found this piece very misleading.

I clicked on it, yet found bananas.

I feel misled, cajoled and generally lied to, possibly by a crook.

Nice work JG2. Keep it coming, babe.

Anonymous said...

I think half our problem is tactical changes:
L'pool game King for Bassong, why? on a run of 5 clean sheets? B'ham, Keane for Defoe! Take the only bit of pace we have off, and replace with what resembles a chicken minus it's head. 89 mins Jenas for Bentley? Could he really not have lasted another 5 mins? Must have been all the games he has been playing! I just dont understand why you take off a winger that can hold the ball up well, with someone that cant. Another season of false hope, keep 4th spot warm for some other team with a bit of steel.

Anonymous said...

i agree with what the author has written. I personally believe our Harry is "out of his depth", lets hope Harry can prove me wrong. As for Crouch, he's ABYSMAL. coys

JimmyG2 said...

I have been preaching managerial stability and player stability since before Ramos.Yes I think the first poster got that wrong.

Thankyou knowledgeable Anon re next game I have amended it.

I like bananas too but be careful how you dispose of the skins is all I'm saying.

Enorme Nuez.
Agreed, like other games we should have put this to bed before this disaster occured

I think that substitutions should be banned in the last ten minutes technical or otherwise.They are just a timewasting device and therefor ungentlemanly conduct, except on production of a doctor's note, or a note from your mum.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is Tottenham can't and wont learn from there mistakes - and that is the REAL reason we WONT finish top 4.

Anonymous said...

trying to keep players happy with minutes on the pitch is costing us the champions league harry grow a set.

spursnomad said...

same old spurs, you know what i mean. there is something rotten at the core of our club and its stopping us from kicking on, always the bridesmaid.
just one example where are all the promising young players we've signed in the last 5yrs. every player we've sold on has either turned into a gem elsewhere or we've bought them back and they've turned to shit instantly. there's no hunger, there's no fear the same feckless, brainless, lead footed gimps get picked every week so why expect the result to be different. the players know that harry has his favourites so why bother better stop am getting rather depressed.....COYS

Anonymous said...

Harry Hotspur what ever happened to your website? It always used to pop up on newsnow. Have not seen it for ages.

JJ said...

Good read Jim. Very disappointed in Corluka's lack on concentration in the 92nd minute. Would like to see a few changes in the Leeds match. How about Eidur and Pav? Just putting it out there...

Anonymous said...

Harry Redknapps Blue and White Army !!!!

Come On You Spurs !!!

alwyn said...

someone pls explain why, each time we score (apart from that gang-bang against Wigan), we tend to 'sit back' and (in harry's words) "let the other team come at us".

i mean, i was following the dots and colours on the ESPN gamecast (all the public TVs' were turned into Reds vs Bolton, curse them): BEFORE Defoe scored, the Birmingham dots were few and far between, AFTER our goal, B'ham attacked furiously and got in half a dozen shots.

what the heck's the problem? "We scored so let's have a siesta and sit the hell back"?!

JOHN ADAM said...

Harry has it ALL WRONG when it comes to substitution most of the time unwarranted especially late in a match. We make a lot of tactical mistakes which cost us valuable points. It is the same old story for our beloved Spurs. When will they learn?

JOHN ADAM said...

If Harry's intention in replacing top players who are performing well by less able ones late in the match just to give them a chance, he should do so ONLY if we have a comfortable lead (3-0 or 4-1 as an example) and NOT on a slim one-goal advantage which is very precarious. I am sorry to say that Harry disappoints me at times more than the players themselves.

Anonymous said...

This loss has Harry mitts all over it. No, I'm not calling for his head or anyone else's. Yes, we are fourth, much better than last year, etc. But the fact remains his substitutions and instructions to players convey holding-on to a 1-nil lead and inviting pressure at the back. The vast majority of the game we had the upper hand. Granted, we weren't putting them away, but we were playing mostly in their half. Promoting a seige mentality for the last 15 minutes of the game greatly increases the odds than someone will make a mistake at the back. Taking off Defoe and Bently signalled to the opposition that their defenders can now move up the pitch into an attack mode. It also signalled to our lot to pull back, protect the lead, waste time instead of pressing from the front, generally hoof the ball and wait for the next wave. Where was Harry? If that type of play was not what he wanted, he should have been screaming from touch. Hell, he should have been screaming anyway. I was. I could see our 3 points slipping away. Harry, oh Harry. An arm around the shoulder of our prima donnas is well and good but so is a kick up the ar** especially during the last few minutes of a game when players are tiring, losing concentration and hoofing the ball anywhere to hang on to dear life.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

We tend to slip up when opponents press us. The sudden drop in confidence is extremely frustrating and sadly becoming something many expect when Spurs are leading a match. Can't we just score and then change to a 8-1-1 formation????!!!!!!!

JimmyG2 said...

Harry Hotspur
Welcome your Hotspurship, you do us great honour,humble abode,etc.
Don't be a stranger, etc. is now on Ole,OleOle who I think are in dispute with Newsnow,
What is this a message drop site?

Our much vaunted 'squad depth' is a bit of a myth especially when you get injuries to key players like Lennon, Woodgate.

Fortunately Bentley has stepped up but he's no Lennon. Dawson has been a stalwart and Palacios and Gomes who we have no cover for,have remained injury free, so we have got away with it.
But in a 50/60 game season they are inevitable.

Harry despite his reputation seems loath to blood youngsters.Rose on Wednesday?
But we are 4th at the moment.
We don't want too much knee jerkism people.

Hang in their fella, if we beat Leeds and Villa the sun will suddenly shine again. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

12m for keane, 9m for a useless freak, 15m for a player that can't/won't pass. With the exception of wilson and nico. would you trust this man with your money? It's quite clear he's out of his depth. And for anyone arguing the fact we're presently fourth. We bloody should be with the depth in squad we've got! Avram Grant took chelski to a champions league final but it doesn't make him one of the best managers in europe. He was just fortunate to be in temporarily charge of a very good squad (yes I am washing my mouth out with bleach). I just pray that it's only going to be temporary for redknapp aswell before we've bought the entire pompey side or even worse, he moves us to fratton park! His loyalties clearly lie with portsmouth, not us. It should read on his door harry redknapp (portsmouth super agent) not harry redknapp Tottenham Manager.

TMWNN said...

No leadership on the pitch; very little off it.

It would appear that Redknapp is tactically inept.

The squad has been shown up for not being as deep as some would have us believe, but it's still a very good team and one that should easily be putting more games to bed.

Redknapp's third window is about to close soon with still no sign of a 'leader' coming before it does.

I'm also rapidly becoming fed up of having to watch Crouch start. He's horrible to watch and has a way of making the most simplest of tasks look complicated. Does anyone believe it was an intentetional flick-on for Defoe? I just pray that Gudjohnson can still play a bit, otherwise I fear those that said we've hit a wall will be proven right.

Anonymous said...

Bentley done good but he's not got the weapons the likes of Lennon possesses. Give Azza the ball and he destroys. He makes the opposing team panic and worry and change their system to attempt to stop the lickle man.

David's play is still apologetic© if far more productive. He needs to reclaim some of the confidence and then not let it all go to his head.

~ Spooky

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 9.59

'Moves us to Fratton Park' Theres an idea. Would save a lot of disruption though Pickfords might go out of business. Perhaps Harry's got shares!

To other tortured souls Harry has done too well to be sacked. Mind you I said that Ramos wouldn't get sacked.
He has his limitations and his foibles but a new manager would entirely disrupt the club again and our general improvement and would have a new set of limitations of his own.

Crouch I have never admired and he seems to be dragging us down to his very average level.
The Icelander might not be able to capture his previous form. I'm for the Russian(4mins.11secs) personally.
I would like a tee shirt with that on and send one to Harry.

alwyn said...

No no no - we MUST keep Harry. At least until he brings us a mere 2 points in 8 games.

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